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12/25/2014 c13 3Bulldan
I meant to say (cough)(cough)SpaceGodzillavsGodzillavsKingGhidorah(cough)
12/25/2014 c14 Bulldan
When you incorporate King Ghidorah, you should have him be able to communicate with the beast titan and have him mock the beast for his petty ambitions, and have the beast mock Ghidorah for his sole desire for destruction.

Also, (cough)(cough) .KingGhidorah(cough).
12/25/2014 c14 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
HOOWEE! This is gonna be an awesome YEAR! WHOO!
12/20/2014 c13 DinoZilla
Oh yeah I forgot Jean,Connie & Hange to have also partner so have a monster lion,Connie should be partnered with Norzogg and Hange partnered with that dragon from the Reign Of Fire see ya again!
12/20/2014 c13 Takarakidd 007
And the expansion of humanity continues ,Reiner is still there & continue to plot his revenge on Eren and the rest of the Scouting Legion continues help humanity to expand ,I hope there's a next and Party On!
12/16/2014 c13 DinoZilla
Wow that's a nice homage to Pacific Rim especially of what kind of kaiju there ,where's Eren & the rest of the I hope in the next sequel,Eren, Armin, & Mikasa have a partner Kaiju just like Sasha & should be partnered by Zilla, Armin by Quetzacolt, & Mikasa by a giant deer monster from the Black Jack !
12/17/2014 c6 287Traitor of All Traitors
Anguirus? Spacegodzilla? What's next, Mothra? Rodan? You're bringing in the whole family, aren't you?
12/17/2014 c5 Traitor of All Traitors
This feels like it's going to the latest Godzilla film. Introducing the MUTOs!
12/17/2014 c4 Traitor of All Traitors
You used the cabbage merchant from Avatar, didn't you?
12/14/2014 c13 Fanboy 316
This is definitely the most amazing & coolest Godzilla/Attack on Titan ever.I have a feeling there would be a sequel & it seems Eren & the rest of the gang are going in searching for places for towns to be rock on Z-King & Lord ya!
12/14/2014 c13 Totong
WoW!So Sasha & Anguirus become the protectors of the town Mr. Monroe,how he gonna persuade the people of the town if the town has a protector great ending & thanks for the the Deliverance be with you true believer,excelsior!
12/13/2014 c13 13ahsoei
What happened with Eren, Mikasa and Armin in the end? It's not that I don't like the ending, it's just that I expected a bit more.
12/13/2014 c13 godzillafan1
well that was short oh well are you gonna do a sequel? well I guess i'll see it here at sooner or later.
12/13/2014 c13 MetalOverlord
Its a shame this story has come to an end, but it was intresting to read while it lasted! Congrats on finishing this Z-King!
12/12/2014 c13 1PrimordialTitan
Will there be a sequel to this story?
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