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for Righting A Wrong (A McRoll in the REAL World Story)

12/1/2018 c1 3Zheth22
This is just my favourite flashback story- have read it many times!
8/17/2016 c1 1Sarai
I love it!
9/23/2015 c1 Guest
I like your story. Did it ever mention in the series when catherine was dating billy? A lot of fanfic i read assume when steve break up with her for a while..but i alwaus thought that she was datjng billy first and then steve. But i could be wrong
7/1/2015 c1 jmlane1966
Just beautiful. The reunion of Catherine and Steve after their breakup makes their love stronger than ever. This was clever and wonderful.
4/11/2015 c1 8srhittson
Love the story. I was thinking I wanted to see this scene and here it is.
2/18/2015 c1 ACndCA
Glad that you wrote about the reason for their break-up. Something realistic and in character, as well as both of their reactions and feelings afterwards.

It had me close to tears because it is so well written; their feelings really can be felt by us readers.

Absolutely brilliant job sammy!


11/23/2014 c1 LuckyStar
Just reread it tonight & I feel like it's the first time I read it (even though I remember everything :P ). The emotion in this was so beautifully described. So touching and I can feel every single emotion OMG. I have tears in my eyes every time I reread it. Thank you, once again.
10/21/2014 c1 allison
Just had to read this again and again, got to be up there in one of my favourite mcroll stories
10/4/2014 c1 Esther
Ah, I really liked how you explained the reason for Cath and Steve's first break up. It makes so much sense and is completely something Steve would do.

"Some thing never change." - I love how Catherine muttered this. hee hee.

"You're a smart man, McGarrett. Figure it Out." - Oooh. This was a good line! Yes, Steve, you may be oblivious but not that oblivious.

"Because he wasn't you." - I have to admit. My heart fluttered a bit here.

"Well that was a wasted showed" - LOL. Of course it was.

You are really good at description and moving along a scene. Even when we were in Steve's or Catherine's head, I could feel where they were coming from. And when things got spicy, I could definitely feel the chemistry between those two.

Story of Catherine was a very nice metaphor to use for what she is to him.
Nicely written! ;)
8/16/2014 c1 LindaSue
Great story! Loved it!
7/21/2014 c1 4magikmarker
Just lovely. Thank you! This made me smile lots. perfect "getting back together fic"
7/19/2014 c1 12FicreaderT
I'm so glad you decided to write this - very, very nicely done! I especially liked the name of the bar - I don't know whether it's a real place, but it's great nonetheless.
7/19/2014 c1 3ForestBornNinjaGirl
Awww! This was so sweet and romantic! Perfect ending for the perfect couple! Great job coming up with a story that places Billy as Cath's ex. All the memories created and recalled are just so touching :) Interesting reading about cath and steve having a little fun lol! Awesome job!
7/15/2014 c1 366Mari217
Oh, wow, partner. This. Is. A. MASTERPIECE! A MASTERPIECE. It may be my favorite ... and that's a hard call because everything you write is my favorite, until I read the next one! This and Moments in Time are beyond stellar, though. And I've read this five or six times already.

I'm honored that this is REAL World canon. Simply honored. Because it's perfection. It's so Steve & Catherine. They were only apart because he misguidedly thought she'd be better off. Silly man. Her admitting she was hurt. Him realizing it and sincerely apologizing. Perfect.

And then the ... moving past it. Instantly finding themselves and their rhythm again, because they were never *really* apart. Not in their hearts. "I was always out there somewhere on your side, Steve." Is a breathtaking line.

The way they mesh again, like two halves to a whole.
Not only emotionally, but intellectually and physically.

The hallway scene is deliciously McRoll. Playful, teasing and hot in equal parts. Their time in the room where they fall back into perfect sync. Again, physically and emotionally. They slip right back into not being Steve and Catherine but Steve-AND-Catherine. The couple.

The familiarity: Eating cross legged on the bed, watching the old movie, that's an established couple that knows and loves each other on so many levels.

How Steve was so distracted he couldn't remember what he was going to say... adorably Steve. Catherine losing herself in his lovemaking to the point she forgot what they were discussing ... excellent example of a pair that had been apart for a few months and were reveling in each other anew.

I can't say enough about this... the ending... him "Wanting to hear everything" the BOOK comparison? Perfect. Because ... well perfect.

I'm honored you're my writing partner and awed by your talent. Standing ovation, my friend! Hugs & xoxo Mari
7/14/2014 c1 alharpole
I absolutely love this story! I could feel the emotion when they first saw each other in the bar. Thank you so much!
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