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11/25 c70 stardreamer26086
please continue to update can't wait for more
11/20 c70 petalsofrose
I dreamt last night that there was a global countdown for the next tmif chapter.. like in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus…
If there IS a new chapter this next sunday it’s proof that I’m psychic!
11/12 c58 Elli
HOLD UP! Somehow I missed this chapter when it was posted and am only just reading it now, but…is BEN Abe’s informant?! Benny boy?! Big brother Ben?!
I did not see that coming but also that makes SO much sense! He’d be able to communicate with Abe without being detected since he’s in charge of security, he’s been getting more vocal about how he disagrees with Victor and he disappeared after Thanksgiving. Everyone always treats him as second best and too emotional and he’s a fucking double agent. You are genius.
10/1 c18 Nasa Santos
Minha décima nona vez que leio essa preciosidade. A última atualização foi no aniversário do meu pai... Ainda com muitas expectativas pra essa história, que até hoje, uma das mais lindas e bem escrita que já vi. Espero que esteja tudo bem.
9/6 c1 Alice
Hey, hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to your next update and until then I'm just going to re-read the amazing chapters you've already posted!
9/2 c1 Guest
Hi! Hope everything is well with you! I’ve been following this story for a really long time and it’s been almost a year since you’ve posted. I just wanted to check on you and wish you the best! I hope this story isn’t cancelled- it’s one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever read!
8/14 c70 PetalsOfRose
My list of random TMIF thoughts has gotten too long, so here’s some random points while we wait for Dimitri and Rose to come down from that rooftop, where they’ve been freezing their asses off since October. :p

’s biting the dust?
Everyone is still alive, and that’s suspicious. Rose and Dimitri are safe of course.
Spiridon is a problematic fan favourite so I can’t see him dying either. A heroic death would suit him though, as I feel he has something to prove. I haven’t forgotten or forgiven his various antics. Sacrificing himself for something he believes in, something important, not just Victor’s bullshit, could make up for some of it. A near-fatal sacrifice will do then.

I feel like our beloved Ben might be on thin ice. He’s one of the few characters I would actually miss if he died, so I don’t actualy *want* him to die, but it makes sense… Rose would lose another brother of course, but it would be a blow for Dimitri as well. Dimitri and Ben aren’t close and I feel like that’s 100% Dimitri’s fault. They have a lot in common and Ben is easy to befriend so it only makes sense that Dimitri have kept him at a distance because he hasn’t had the mental/emotional capacity for a real friendship. And perhaps also as a form of self-sabotage or self-punishment. How many times did Ben make an effort and Dimitri was just like… oh no, I’m busy, I, uh, have to go stare at my bedroom ceiling.. right now..
Dimitri has expressed regret over not being a good friend to Ivan or allowing himself that friendship and now he’s doing the exact thing with Ben. So if Ben died (knock on wood), history would be repeating itself with both Rose & Dimitri. But on the other hand, it would be too sad, so he needs to survive so he can walk Rose down the aisle.

Then we have Lissa and Natalie. No offense to Lissa, but other than Rose (and Nat) losing a good friend, her death wouldn’t really have an obvious significant impact on the story. Natalie on the other hand… She seems to be drifting away from Rose and Lissa (and Spiridon?) and down a darker path lead by her daddy, and could very well have consequences for her. Would Victor sacrifice her for his own goals?
Adrian is probably safe with his secret lover. ;)
Mason dying would be obvious but it would also make sense. Of course he died in the original books, but who remembers those anyway? But his death here might make the other novices change their minds about 16 year old dhampir babies being used as cannon fodder.
I feel like everyone else of Rose’s “friends” dying would just be like… yes, very sad… Anyway!

is the Circle going to prove that Strigoi can be restored?
Team Victor clearly wasn’t convinced of their little home video, least of all Spiridon. Are they going to restore a Strigoi in front of them? Wait, is Ben going to be turned? Hmmm..
Or are they going to restore a known strigoi… Galina? That would convince Spiridon and also act as a gift for him and Dimitri. Come to the dark side (the circle), we have cookies (parental figure).

figuring out who she is and what she likes!
Rose has never had the freedom to choose anything for herself. Even at Victor’s most of her things are chosen for her. She hasn’t even chosen her own job. (And it seems like Victor has forgotten it was supposed to be for her own good, giving her something to do and teach her life skills, and not for his own comfort.)
Her things and her clothes are chosen by Natalie and most of the people she socializes with are Natalie’s (and Lissa’s) friends.. She hasn’t even made any friends “by herself” unless you count Adrian. And he was originally ordered to strike up a friendship with her.

She enjoyed playing with Adrian’s art stuff, will she get some for herself? And since she enjoys physical activities I could also see her take up some kind of dancing. She could even do sexy couple dancing with Dimitri.
Also, how much money does Rose have now? Does she have a decent saving or has she spent all of it on candy and Christmas presents?
Depends on if Victor is paying her a symbolic amount to prove she’s not a slave or a fair wage? She does the vast majority of the day-to-day manual labour of the house, and she also plays a role in his political agenda like the boys. How did they even survive before her? Did they just live in a pigsty and ate microwave meals?

meeting with Zmey.
Zmey & Tanner had a lot of interesting things to say at the meeting, but of course everything was overshadowed by the big reveal of Eddie’s death and the slightly tense ending.
Have the boys discussed and acknowledged everything else that was said? The hard cold facts of dhampirs’ structural oppression was pretty hard to miss. Rose should probably also know these things.
Does Rose even know that Zmey is sorry about how everything went down, and that Zmey knew she was a rescued slave and wasn’t going to hurt her?
It might make her hate him a little less, but upon re-reading the Estonia chapters again, he’s going to have to do better than that… Zmey insits they’re the good guys but their actions in Estonia don’t really speak in their favour… They kinda went full bad guys on them.. Spiridon was burned by fire magic and was shot at? Dimitri was beaten to a pulp and Rose was manhandled and attempted kidnapped? I think they need to work on their recruiting and outreach strategies, if they don’t want to be branded as a cult or a terrorist organization.

knowing about Rose and Dimitri.
I’m really happy that someone finally know about them. It must be such a relief for Rose. It’s also healthy for her to have a trusted friend’s perspective of it. Even if Adrian hasn’t been in a serious romantic relationship himself he’ll still be able to offer advice, support and validation. And he can hold Dimitri accountable and even get back at him for the whole “we would be having a different conversation right about now” thing. Like, Dimitri is the one actually sleeping with Rose and keeping her a secret, while Adrian has been on his best behavior. If anything, it’s Adrian who should threaten Dimitri, not the other way around.

(& Dimitri) indulging in “childish” activities
Rose has missed out most of childhood’s wonders and the scraps she had with Eddie was put to an end when her childhood officially ended with his death. So Rose having fun with colouring in is heartwarming and healing for her. As was Rose playing in the snow with Dimitri and making snowmen with him. While Dimitri has probably had some of these experiences in his childhood, there must also be some he has missed out on due to his shitty father, growing up poor and his emotional disconnect. So he gets to (re-) experience them with Rose with an open heart and take joy in her enjoying it. I hope we’ll see more or it.
Also someone needs to get Rose a big fluffy teddy bear she can cuddle when Dimitri isn’t there. Dimitri could win one in a carnival game, shooting darts or fishing ducks or something. :)

-Eddie until rescue
What the fuck happened those six years? Did Rose just work herself to death all day without having a soul to talk to, trying to stay invisible and out of everyone’s way… Every damn day.
How did she stay semi-sane all those years? It doesn’t seem like she’s really talked about it with Dimitri, partly because she didn’t want to mention Eddie.

The Dragomirs are introduced as the good and fair royal moroi. Despite this they have, to Rose’s knowledge, been very passive in their fight for justice, leaving it all to Victor, who hasn’t done jack shit. Rhea and Eric are outraged when they learn of Rose’s past and even confront Victor, but after that they’re like meek mice.
Eric has been a bit of a douche, was too chummy with Alexander at Thanksgiving and definitely wasn’t going to stand up for Rose.
Either he’s only for activism when it isn’t an inconvenience to himself or he’s simply just kissing Victor’s ass to bask in his power and presence.
Rhea’s heart is certainly in the right place, but she probably can’t say or do too much without risking upsetting her husband or soiling the Dragomir name. But I’m hoping Rose can count on her for support in the future..

going back
I still have no idea what’s gonna happen next, but I doubt they’ll all return to Victor’s and keep playing house like they’re all still besties. The facades are cracked. Dimitri and Victor’s working relationship is toast, Ben must also be tired of Victor’s bullshit and even Spiridon will have difficulty convincing D & B (and himself) they’re working for the greater good and Victor is just a stand-up guy.
Did Spiridon know about the wine thing? If he even understands the significance of it. I hope Ben will be enraged when realizes.
Rose will need to be an outstanding actress to convince Victor she doesn’t hate him, and that she’s a meek and grateful girl who doesn’t mind servicing him.

lovely dhampir ladies
I love that Zoey is back and that Eve has been introduced, so Rose has someone to relate to better. It also wouldn’t hurt Lissa, Natalie& co. to socialize with some dhampir women and experience a different perspective.
Who is Eve? Does she attend St. Vlad/train to be a guardian, does she work fulltime at the lodge or?
I hope that Rose and Eve become good friends and that Zoey will take them under her wing and guide them through the obstacles of being a dhampir woman.

& Christian
Is the relationship going to survive the big reveal? Unless Christian confesses himself and tries to make up for it, it looks bad for him. Christian has lied and kept a preeetty big secret their whole relationship.
Is Christian ever going to get to talk to Rose? Rose could turn him against Natasha by telling him about Eddie…
Also - is Lissa and Ben a crack ship or…?

Boys ( Rose)
I love our three boys’ complicated and interesting dynamics. Like they’re not even close but they still love each other in a weird and dysfunctional way.
When Rose first joins the little found family, Dimitri and Spiridon seem to genuinely hate each other, and Ben is caught in an awkward pickle between them.
Rose brings them closer together and makes them a united front (even if Spiridon is a weak link). They all care about her in their own way and that changes their internal relations as well.

Spiridon went to great lengths to recruit Dimitri to their little work family so he must have missed him. But he probably wanted the version of Dimitri who would engage in pranks with him and lose his temper when provoked, so they could try and kill each other on the carpet like the good old times. Instead he gets cold and controlled, stick-up-his-butt Dimitri who’s battle traumatized and isn’t up for playing with Spiridon.
Spiridon is probably ecstatic when Dimitri’s control starts slipping and they start fighting again, even if it means facing Dimitri’s wrath. Logically you would think that would worsen their relation but it also brings them closer in a way.
It must have been lonely for Ben to live with the two emotionally unavailable idiots. And even after all the times Spiridon has been cruel to Dimitri and everyone else, Dimitri still gets along better with Spiridon (on their good days) than Ben (who has never done anything wrong in his life ever).
And when Rose starts becoming interesting in Spiridon’s eyes, the three of them start their Murder Trio without sweet Ben.
Ben is a bit of an odd man out in some ways, but they need his normalcy to balance things out.
So I hope our four musketeers aren’t separated and live happily ever after.

No more ramblings for now. To be continued… :)
8/12 c69 isabel97811
Still loving this story
6/14 c70 Ducky
*wakes up*
*checks for TMIF update*
*mopes around all day*
*goes to bed*

Rinse & repeat as many times as needed!
6/12 c70 Nasa Santos
Essa é minha décima sétima vez que leio toda a história. Nunca enjoo. Quando não leio do começo ao "fim", sempre estou visitando meus capítulos favoritos. Amo tudo isso e espero que apareça alguma novidade logo️ Espero que esteja tudo bem com a maravilhosa que nos prestigia com seu dom de escrever.
6/2 c70 fogetaboutit
oh. my. gosh. I am in awe of your talent! This story is amazing. I couldn't stop reading it at all. I might have to read it over and over again the beginning until you post an update. Please update soon! I can't wait to read more of your work. <3
5/15 c70 Guest
More, I want & need more TMIF! ️️️
5/5 c1 Guest
Such an amazing story and I hope you can finish it
4/20 c35 MacAndCheeseDreams

Aaaaahhh. It just keeps getting better and better!
4/20 c70 isabel97811
Love them. Finally they get better at communicating:)
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