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6/28 c68 6christti
Amazing as always. I hate that Victor gets the things he want, but i love that Rose and Adrian are becoming such good friends.
6/28 c68 4Cassiopeia Lyra
I can't wait to read the next chapter. Seriously. This story is amazing, and it seems imposible but it gets better with every update. I love not only the worldbuilding and your writing, but how well you have depicted Rose and Dimitri's growth, not only in their relationship but also individually.
That being said, I have so so many questions. When will Ben find out about them? I had thought that he would be the first, but now I'm suspicious that it might be Spiridon. Does Adrian know how deep both of them are into the relationship? He seemed to notice at the Dragomir's house when Dimitri picked her up, but we didn't see the conversation with Rose (he said he would talk to her). Natalie is starting to get on my nerves: she is like Victor, pretending to be good and wanting to improve society but only really caring about improving her personal status. Will Randall appear? That would be a shock, and poor Dimitri would lose it. And Natasha... I will enjoy watching her fall.
I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/28 c68 5thefangirldiaries

Her closing the door in Dimitri’s face is such a power move, she would never have done that months ago - wouldn’t have even thought it was an option.

I love that you include how Rose is learning how to be a girl out in society, how men will make comments about girls who think they’re simply being nice when others are construing it wrongly.

Rose is about to make a scene and challenge even the friendships she’d made, I wonder if this will expose Natalie or if it will make her come around… it could go both ways.

This was such a fun chapter! For some reason I love seeing Rose get angry. It’s like watching a lighter meet the wick of a candle (I swear I’m not a pyro.)

There’s so much to unpack - but omg the way Dimitri offered to walk Adrian back to his room was amazing, I jumped into DPOV right then and felt him desperate to hold on to any control he could of the situation, to be kept in the loop of a boy being in Rose’s room. I think that would give Dimitri anxiety for several reasons, given Rose’s past.

Poor Mason. Poor baby Mason.
6/27 c68 2elephantwalks
ready for the angry make up sex
6/27 c68 elephantwalks
It’s time for Rose to make this Royal Ball her bitch.
6/27 c68 dollopsofroses
Okay. I was blindsided when the news dropped that Dimitri asked Natasha to the ball. And if I was, I can’t imagine how bad it was for Rose.

The ball isn’t ready for our girl. Her in that dress, with Adrian on her arm…. who’s going to stop her. Not Victor, an Ozera, or any other tyrant for that matter.

Hopeful for more! If you have to make this story 500 chapters I will read them all. I love this world you’ve built
6/27 c67 dollopsofroses
loved this chapter so much! very angsty.
6/27 c64 dollopsofroses
can someone please stab Tasha
6/27 c68 1Leokat24
Loving this story so much, thank you for your amazing work.
6/27 c68 PenguinPlushie
I have so much to say.

I'll start with Adrian. I missed him so much! Everyone needs a friend like Adrian in their life. But I also hope things don't get complicated between him and Rose. I don't want Adrian to get heartbroken, he's too precious (I hated it when Rose cheated on him in the 'Last sacrifice'.) Also, does he know about Rose and Dimitri? (he can see their auras, right? And his remark about 'birds and bees' when they were at Dragomir's). I hope they set the ballroom on fire, and show those bitches that a boy and a girl CAN be JUST FRIENDS, dammit! And they're also going to steal the spotlight from Dimitri and Natasha (is someone going to put that bitch in her place?!).

Let's come to Spiridon, or should I say Adonis? So, I've been reading some older chapters and I felt like our Adonis is in love with Natalie (I'm probably overthinking). And I also felt like he knows how Rose feels towards Dimitri. Like, that remark about him being her roommate and that conversation about Natasha being Dimitri's girlfriend in the previous chapter? Was that another way of mentally preparing Rose for the aftermath of ball? All in all he cares about Rose much more than he shows.

Dimitri must be burning with jealousy! I can only imagine how bitter he must be feeling while watching Adrian saunter around Rose's room in a freaking black fluffy robe. But I also kinda feel bad for him. He's being controlled by Victor into doing something he doesn't want to. But he should have ran straight to Rose to tell her everything! I mean, Natasha clearly had enough time to tell a hundred people (fucking two faced bitch).

I have so many expectations from this ball. And it feels like lives are going to change after it. Is Zmey going to make his move? He did said he will bring Rose back to Janine. I'm waiting for the day Zmey drags Victor and all the bloody 'Royals' from their perfect little lives to the REAL world. And Victor's reaction on Rose being Zmey Junior? I'm waiting for that day!

I think the story is building up really nicely, and I can't wait to see how everything works out. What is Zmey going to do? What happens to Victor's plan? How will Ozera's and Natasha be exposed? How will Lissa react when Ozera's secret come out? How will she feel when she finds out Christan lied to her? (that boy is going to reap what he sowed! A relationship based on lies never lasts, I don't understand why people even try to do that. Rose might have forgiven him a little bit if he had told Lissa everything. Instead he's lying to her. Lissa will feel like a fool when the truth comes out.) How will everyone feel about Romitri? How will Rose feel about being Zmey's daughter? What will happen to Moroi and Dampire world? I hope Janine gets the chance to retribute all that has happened to her and other dampires at Arizona.

So much is coming and I can't wait to find out. Though your chapters are long, they never satiate my heart. I can read and read and read this story forever. Waiting for the next chapter feels like torture!

Kudos to Lauren!
6/26 c68 russia2774
finally rose is going to stop being the kicked dog and is going to start kicking back more updates please loving it
6/26 c68 antipyro
Love, love, update! I will be here until the end.
6/26 c68 Neha
Thank you for making Dimitri burn. I love him, but he needs to simmer himself a little
6/26 c60 dollopsofroses
My tears made this chapter hard to finish.
6/26 c58 dollopsofroses
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