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6m c41 russia2774
absolutely loving this story please continue to update
2h c41 Guest
this is so unbelievably good!
3h c41 Guest
I absolutely love that you are not going to have him turn into a distancing mean version of himself. I’m so intrigued to see how you shape their interactions in the following days. Update soon! But only if you want to!
3h c41 Guest
Pleeeeease update soon. This story is addicting
4h c41 Guest
Love. Please update soon
5h c41 2PetalsOfRose
asdfghjk! I was not expecting another chapter so soon. And of course I got the notification just as I was going to bed. I told myself I would save the chapter for the next day because I had an exam the next morning... But I didn't lol. This story is simply too addictive, so I stayed up too late (again) and read every word carefully.

So here is some more rambling..
First of all it was great to get some DPOV, it's been awhile. Makes sense when the man gets himself into a coma..

I love that Adrian fell asleep on the floor and they just leave him there with a blanket on.

Spiridon is an ass but I still like him. I'm really curious to find out why he was so pissed at Rose last chapter.

Tasha gives Dimitri the offer of a lifetime.. Interesting interesting..

I love reading Dimitri's reaction to their little moment in Rose's room and when he interrupts the fight. It's like he's like.. damn I just felt an emotion, I'm just gonna ignore that.

And I love l-o-v-e LOVE that Rose is waiting for him in his fucking bed, grinning at him. It made me grin like crazy too. Our girl is NOT going to bed without a proper kiss.

The kiss... It only took 7 years! (jesus we're getting old) But I loved it. Rose is sleek as fuck. It was really sweet. :)) But if Rose is falling asleep, I think Dimitri needs to brush off his kissing game for the next one. ;)
So now for the million dollar question: what's gonna happen with them now? Rose was kinda drunk and Dimitri was not completely in his right mind. Will the both remember it? And most importantly - what will they think about it in the morning?

I hope we will get another chapter soon-ish, because I'm dyyying to know, but I understand if it will take awhile. Take care of yourself. I'm sending lots of love to you and your family. xx

Also I've already read this chapter too many times, so I've noticed some small edits. So I'll just check back every 30 minutes to see if something has been added. ;)

AND dramatic and sexy things... Yeah I'm looking forward to it! :DD
10h c41 9ladierock
OH MY GOSH I HAVE MISSED YOUR STORY SO MUCH! I can't explain how excited I was when I saw not one but two updates! I'm looking forward to what happens next!
18h c41 6christti
I think it read well, I understood perfectly that it was a recalling of events. I think that's better than him living through them in real time. Both this chapter and the last were really good, although there were some spelling mistakes, but it's ok. Keep writing, I'm really glad to hear you have the story planned!
21h c41 Elli
Loved it! I think the chapter was great and made perfect sense! Awesome work I’m so excited to read more
6/18 c41 5thefangirldiaries
Hello! I am so glad that you're back to this story, it makes my heart swell that we'll get to see the events of this story play out. This story brings me so much happiness (maybe even more than the original series...) and I hope that creating this version of Rose has brought you as much happiness and you've brought me by introducing me to her.
I feel like everything up to Estonia was a warm up, the first act. Now we're in the territory where I can't keep a grin off my face whist I'm reading, every single line is a joy. I absolutely loved the last two chapters, the Halloween party! We've been waiting for this moment for so long, and you did not disappoint! Also, the whole theme of the underworld at the party had me freaking out - hades and persephone, Hades and Persephone, HADES AND PERSEPHONE - I know Dimitri and Rose don't exactly fit that trope, but I've always drawn parallels between those stories and I couldn't help but think the Dread Persephone came out to play at the party. I mean, she did have flowers and fauna on her costume ;) And Rose took off her bandages, and Dimitri finally sees the goddess before him UGHH. And I've always loved the DPOV chapters, but this one is a new level of Dimitri, we got a glimpse of the badass he tries to contain, and I want to see more of him. I thought the layout of the chapter was good too because the main focus is the important events later in the night (Christian asking to see Rose, Tasha's offer, the kiss.) These last several chapters back from hiatus have been exactly the progression in this story we needed. I can't wait to see Rose take on the world with Dimitri (and Lissa and maybe Nat) by her side.
6/18 c41 2elephantwalks
WOW ! This was fucking amazing, and I'm overjoyed with the way Romitri's first kiss played out. Super excited for the sexy and dramatic moments. Truly, I'm super excited to see where you take this story. Just did a reread and all I can ever think is how spectacular you're writing is.
6/18 c41 Guest
Great chapter
6/18 c41 AliciaHaryma
I really enjoyed it, the pace of the chapter was spot on and kept things moving in an intense but controlled way. Exactly how I imagine Dimitri would recall things
6/18 c41 12Naflower05
Oh yes! This was exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much, I loved this. This story is amazing and no matter how long you take between updates I will always keep coming back and loving it every time. I appreciate that you keep writing when life is so overwhelming, and you're going through a lot. Keep your chin up! :)
6/18 c41 Guest
O M G! I'm in love with this story, you are honestly an amazing writer, I always look forward to your updates! DPOV was really good, I'm so excited to know if Rose remembers, and if they will kiss again! Thank you for updating so quickly, I know you've just updated but pretty please update soon, I can't wait!
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