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for The Element of a Captain

4/22/2015 c1 DragonsDeadAndDancing
I can only say that I should have read this much earlier. Your Steve has a way of scaring me. Excellent, wonderful, astonishing, fascinating.
8/20/2014 c1 Guest
That was freaking deep and awesome!
7/31/2014 c1 16June Ellie
Okay, it's been long enough for me to forget this fanfic and then reread it so I can give it an objective review. I'll just say that I love how you're able to write introspective pieces, and especially how you show that Steve, while not evil by any means, is certainly not the shining golden boy many fanfics seem to think he is. Keep working on your description, and one day you'll put me out of a job. I hope to learn from YOU and your amazing writing when I start posting. Keep it up :) And I'll expect my betaing fee by Monday :P Chocolate potato chips!
7/28/2014 c1 Guest
Interesting story, I like it
7/17/2014 c1 evanescenceangel18
Damn it this story was beautiful. There were just some many different sides of Steve being shown, that most don't write about. There is a darkness in Steve that was being showcased in the end and it is very fitting though most tend to ignore a darker side of Captain America. Anyways I digress I just wanted to say that this story was beautifully written and has easily become one of my favorite stories.
7/14/2014 c1 cghkfg
I loved this. It was a perfect protrayal of Dark!Steve i hope to see more from you!
7/12/2014 c1 6MF 22
Holy crap, that was pretty dark. Thanks for showing he isn't the completely innocent American Wonder many fics portray him as. He may be a genuinely good guy, but he's got a temper, and even though he's not a bully, he does know how to use his power, and send a message. Just as he did here.

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