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8/20/2014 c6 4myprofoundfantasy
Ahh the ending of this chapter was so cute! I'm starting to like Dan Gaither (I like how everyone says both his first and last name) but really he's just getting in the way. Ain't got nothin' on the chemistry between Al and Scorpius hehe
8/19/2014 c6 2simplysimpre
I almost forgot about Rose! Al better not be abandoning her! Ugh... I'm starting to like Dan. I don't want him hurt. So happy that you update weekly! Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/19/2014 c5 simplysimpre
Why did you make me fall in love with all the Potter kids? I want to hug both Albus and Scorpius now.
8/19/2014 c4 simplysimpre
WHY?! I want to hate Albus but I can't. Oh lawdy I love this story.
8/19/2014 c3 simplysimpre
I want to hug Scorpius. 3 I like how you write, it's simple and it actually sounds like how people would normally speak, at the same time, it's hilarious and genuine.
8/19/2014 c2 simplysimpre
I feel so happy for Albus... :D
8/19/2014 c1 simplysimpre
I feel so happy for Albus... it must be a slap on the face for Scorpius though...
8/14/2014 c5 4myprofoundfantasy
Good chapter again. Can't wait to read more!
8/13/2014 c5 JuliaFran
I really like this. It's not as rushed and smutty as many other fanfics. Also, you're good at balancing out dialogue. There isn't too much but there's definitely a good, satisfactory amount. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to reading more! x
8/12/2014 c4 myprofoundfantasy
Hey there. I reviewed one of your other stories and came across this one. It's really good so far! Poor Scorp. He just wants some Al-lovin'!
7/20/2014 c2 wheeze13
PLEASE FINISH THIS! This has the potential to be an awesome story and would love to know how it ends!
7/14/2014 c1 Linda
Really good start hope to read more soon.
7/13/2014 c1 3raynbowstarr
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