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for Summer Days

3/11/2016 c2 1sporkofdestiny
That was fucking amazing. Good job dude.
4/26/2015 c2 Guest
This is honestly amazing. It only had two chapters, yet it shows so much emotion and it gets you ensnared in this world. This is such a good story. It's sad, it's beautiful, and I love it. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece of literature.
8/11/2014 c2 29cannibalisticReaper
This was pretty intense: powerful motherfucking stuff here. Great job, or rather, FANTASTIC job really.
7/26/2014 c2 31PrincessCarly28
*watches as her hopes go downhill with Gamzee and Tavros* T-T
7/26/2014 c1 PrincessCarly28
7/23/2014 c2 9Fictonallyinlove
... This fan fiction is one of the best, it was beautifully crafted, and I would be lying if I said my heart didn't weigh a little more after reading this, favorite and follow
7/23/2014 c2 Billie
i dont know if i wanna cry and throw up or just cry. i did not expect that turn of events man. twisted dude.
7/19/2014 c1 Arachnids8
Omfg I'm scared to read this how did u get from 500 to 11,000 words!
7/14/2014 c1 21ForestFireSong
Whoaaaa, this was awesome! I definitely see what you meant by 'out of hand'- but I'm glad it did, the end result was spectacular. I like how it was basically a bunch of little snapshots :) And you balanced out the angsty with the cute very well.
Oh, but Vriska, whyyyyyyyy. Actually, the whole town makes me feel bad for being a Christian. At least Kurloz and the Nitrams were cool.
I'd like to see more
7/13/2014 c1 8PippaFrost
ohhhhhh... nooooooooo! i'll have to wait until december to read this! why god why?!

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