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1/21/2015 c9 Escritora2
Dude, i bow to you for such a great job. i readed all in one day!
sorry for not leaving any coments untill now, so...
1- very nice the cameo of the flying thing who saved her, i got the gargoyles crossover idea by then.
2- you have no idea how i freacked out when Mikey helped feeding her. i practicly screamed several AAAWWW MIKEY YOU DARLING! or so...
3- very realistic and beautiful story and a great work with the characters, really, love Splinter's father like support, what you have done with Leo and Raph and Karai oh my god that was something new and impressing, i love it!
4- i am still curious of what Mikey wanted to say back then when she had recntly arrived, but even if you never tell, it makes the story even more rich!
5- I am sorry thet you have to go and maybe will never finish this. will you be back on fanfiction somaday? by the way, i am not religious, but that trip to japan sounds great and sweet, so enjoi it!

...i think that was enough...just...congrats for a great fic!
8/15/2014 c9 FallenNietehre
wow, IMPRESSED yes i am

epic story line. love how you got it all in the mix
attention caught loong ago on that fishing hook.
keep reeling us in :3
3 stay inspired :3
8/15/2014 c8 FallenNietehre
i was smiling all the while reading this.. i found it awesome and beautiful and so sweet and heart warming.
it last till i read karai.
then i started pouting to see what will happen.
then i smiled again seeing that she's leaving the gang alone :3
love the way you did this.
it is well written! you really managed to get the emotions of the story.

8/11/2014 c7 5Ellmarr
interest story so far keep it up.
8/5/2014 c6 Guest
Detective Maza? I see what you did there.
My nigga now I got the open in theme stuck in my head.
8/5/2014 c6 the potatoe one
This is the first fic I've read about this type of situation, and I can honestly say that I'm liking it so far. It's a new experience for me to hear about abuse happening to people; part of living in "happy valley", as my family calls it, I suppose. I really do like the parts with Donnie being an awkward dork. I love him, dorkiness and all. :) Also, did I catch a couple of 'Gargoyles' references in there? XD I look forward to seeing how this story plays out.
8/4/2014 c6 Guest
*captain Americas voice* i understood that reference
8/4/2014 c6 FallenNietehre
this chapter was sooo heart touching. i loved the way you wrote master splinter, :3
also the way you got past information and why leo is like he is and why his against having Joi in the lair.

and yes! new characters, thats always a way to bring attention! Epica!
:3 i'll wait patiently for the next chapter

8/2/2014 c5 FallenNietehre
this was really well done.
please send a link of your picture of her so i may see it when your done. :D

shame man i feel sorry for Joi.

eish, i can only imagine how mr fearless leader will do when he hears don's side of the story.

epic chapter
i was all egear in my seat while watching
even with my knees to my chest :3
i love how real it feels.
if you ever plan on writing your own novels. i'd buy them ;) :D
stay inspired!
8/1/2014 c4 palpablefantasy
*v* This chapter was AWESOME. My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time and was basically twitching with anticipation! Keep it up, bro. :3
8/1/2014 c4 FallenNietehre
my word. this chapter kept me hooked to my screen.
i was like
Yay for Don and Raph!
pretty intense chapter.
awesomely written.
every word used and put.
even when it came to his supiscious and how you singly put the word "true" in its own line, was an awesome read.
i think you dealt with this chapter like a pro. one way ticket for future novel writing. B-)
stay inspired!
Keep up the awesome work!
7/29/2014 c3 Meep
Oh my gosh please don't take too long to write the next chapter. I have to figure out what happens!
7/27/2014 c2 Miranda
I got those references m'dear! :D And i think your approaching this topic in a sensitive and so far informed way. Good job so far.
7/25/2014 c3 2Old-Lady-Material
please please continue this, it is a lovely story!
7/25/2014 c3 FallenNietehre
holy mother.

it was cute it was sweet and it gave me anxiety. im still all anxious over having read the last few paragraphs.
i used to cut too. so i understand Joy's dismay in having to do so...
school does suck. it did me little good.

keep up the awesome work
stay inspired!
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