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for Love You 'till The Stars Come Out

10/14/2017 c1 BighornSheep
So this happens before the events of the series, and we're going to assume Nicholas doesn't know? I love it! I've just finished The Magician, and I can't wait to get into The Sorceress! Awesome story.
2/4/2017 c1 Luna10442
My goodness... where to begin!

Firstly, I adore the title and the cover. Beautiful. Secondly, I am absolutely amazed by this pairing! No, I don't ship it... that much... because NicholasxPerenelle will always reign supreme in my little world. But PerenellexNiccolo shocked me. I'd never thought about it before, but it does seem... enchanting. I adored the word usage, the actions, the little humor and the romance in between. Nicholas would be deeply hurt by this, I imagine xD. But overall, this really was a very well-written, well-expressed Fanfiction that I've read over and over.

9/12/2015 c1 18ligersrcool
aw so sweet! i'm reading the first book in the series, so i've just gotten into the books-they're pretty good
11/27/2014 c1 1archivistes
This is cute Flash bae c;
9/4/2014 c1 1Fouinar
I didn't like that I liked it...

I was content in my little (almost) happy NicolasXPerenelle world, but now it is slightly shaken up... by a volcano eruption, I guess. I had not yet thought about pairing Perenelle and Machiavelli, but I actually like the idea. (Should I conclude that the Nicks are interchangeables ?) And I really liked how you dealt with the canon couple that was standing in your way : "But Nicholas... He is a child who still needs to be told he is loved before he can fall asleep." Dismantling without destroying, the characters stay IC and that is probably the way to convert to a pairing ! (...You have "emerald" in your pen name, but you're not exactly on the Alchemyst's side... Tricky... snaky...) I also like that you did not put Machiavelli's name next to Perenelle's as a character representing the fanfiction, like still keeping him a secret. ;D
If I may suggest... In the second to last paragraph, two typos slipped : "SHe" and "the she gets up".
What I liked maybe a little bit less is the title. It is not the meaning that bothers me, but the way to write it : I think that the shorten sentence makes the story look slightly less beautiful than it is. But that might just be me.

I enjoyed reading this story, and I hope you will write others for this fandom, and this pairing. 8)
8/15/2014 c1 the8
Not bad, the characters aren't OOC. So yeah, pretty good. Though, I prefer NickXPerenelle better. c:
7/19/2014 c1 6Jean Kirkland-Hetalian
OH MY GOD. I've read the books and yes I do believe Machiavelli would pertain to beauty as such!
Not baad, now this is a fanfic alright a well-done one shot!
The way he was described in the book with the white hair made him look a lot cooler, no wonder even Perenelle fell for the warlock!
Kudos and more power!
7/15/2014 c1 17The-Fluff-Master1882
Nick must be crushed by this :(

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