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for Too Close

9/28/2020 c1 K
A rather good story.
4/17/2020 c1 Moooo
Glad that George didn't die I'm happy that he realizes that eventhough he doesn't have Fred in his life anymore that life is still worth living and if he let it he can have amazing life with Hermione. George definitely pick the right to stop trying to kill himself Im just sad it took him so long and that he nearly succeeded in his last attempt. I'm a but mad a Molly for being mad a George and Hermione for not going just by Wesley she have 4 other sons who wife's I bite and know for sure at bbn less when it comes to Bill's wife Fluer drop there last name and took Wesley it isn't like Hermione didn't take George's last name she and George look his last name while still keeping her own and because George knew how inpatient it was to Hermione and because is alsome he took her last name while still keeping his and it only natural that they would do the same for their kids I dont see what mad Molly so upset about it it isn't any of her business and I think she was being just plain stupid and selfish I'm glad George threaten (nicer of course) that he happily drop Wesley on just have their children have Hermione's last nam I bit he wou have dropped his last nam for Hermione's too I think that putMooly back in her place don't get me worng I love Molly always have and always will but she was in the worng and I'm happy that George put her back in her place while being funny and nice about it.
10/15/2016 c1 noreenklose
Great story.
I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for writing.
7/25/2014 c1 1angel897
liked it fun to read
7/16/2014 c1 austinsmom
great one shot I love this pairing or Hermione/Fred, Hermione/Harry
7/15/2014 c1 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
absolutely lovely and great story!

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