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1/4/2018 c1 RandoAnon
This literally didn't make me feel any different about abortion. Nice try. psych!
1/14/2017 c1 drizma
"Oh, I'm so glad that when I wanted to read an avatar AU I was tricked by a misleading summary and got to read a bs 'mystery' about abortion. Thank you so much for sharing your personal views through a cartoon!"- No one ever.
7/29/2016 c1 Aqua Rules
Well aren't you the most creative one ever for coming up with a way to trick readers into reading this who have different views? Note my immense sarcasm. Honestly I regret that I spent even a minute reading this garbage political/religious propaganda. Women have choice when it comes to their bodies and lives. Morals are not absolutes. There are gray areas. For you to say otherwise means you are naive and need to grow up.
5/27/2016 c1 Guest
When Katara and Suki were talking
9/27/2015 c1 Guest
I figured it out in the middle. It was an amazing heart breaking. But katara of all people. Your right abortion should be stoped. My close friend travel the U.S to stop it.
9/20/2014 c1 5marjakhana
This was a good fanfic, and abortion is definitely wrong on so many levels. Great job, I eventually figured out that she was going to kill the baby. I can't believe that Katara would do something so horrible... but either way, good job!
9/19/2014 c1 Jerel
"We all make mistakes." That's when I knew.
If you've had an abortion -
98% will experience guilt. 75% of those have no religious convictions. You can tell your head anything you want, your heart knows.
Your chances of miscarrying in the future is 60% higher.
Your chances of having an ectopic pregnacy increase 30% after 1 abortion and increases to 160% after 2 or more abortions.
The life that would have been will continue in your head. Will it have been a boy or girl? What would they have looked like? Their personality? Friends? Talents? Future? It will be especially hard when you see a baby or child that would have been the same age.
And last but not least - GOD FORGIVES. Totally, absolutey, unconditionaly. Why? Because He loves you - totally, absolutely, unconditionaly. He IS love. If He didn't He would cease to be who He is. You can't earn it - and you don't have to. All you have to do is ask.
"For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11)
8/22/2014 c1 171911cowboy
It was really quite silly of you to post your personal beliefs in a world of fiction in such a way. You can do what you want, but it's foolish to twist the characters to your will in such a way, just a point.
8/21/2014 c1 SaintMichael95
Are you friggen kidding me? You know if your going to write a story dealing with you should at least know wtf you're talking about. You know I read this story expecting something completely different. Idk what I was expecting but it wasn't a bunch of crap about abortion! Let me tell you a story... About two years ago my cousin was raped... She was only 12 years old! And what happened? She got pregnant. Well her parents were the deeply religious type, the type that was dead set against abortion. All of the doctors were telling them, no, BEGGING them to let her get an abortion because it was just too dangerous and the fact that she had contracted AIDs from the rape. Do you know what that means? Thats means that if forced to go through with the birth, which she was, against her own wishes by her parents, the baby would be born with AIDs if the baby or mother survived at all. So roughly nine months after she was raped she went into labor... She was already suffering medical problems due to being pregnant at her age... I lost my cousin that day... My cousin was already completely and utterly destroyed emotionally by being raped, then she found out she had AIDs, and then she suffered pain physically and mentally for then next 9 months only to die feeling alone and broken... I was the only one who supported her wanting to get the abortion... I was the only person that noticed how much she was suffering... I was the only person that was actually there for her.

I watched her die. And you write something like this? You have no fucking idea how insulting this type of story is to people that have had to go through what she and I did. You truely are an ignorant person. Abortion is sometimes a necessity. The way you wrote this story says that you think all abortion is bad. Well it isn't. I agree that sometimes the reason for such thing can be stupid to some, but you have no right to say thats its undeniably wrong if you've never been in that type of situation... I'm so upset right now im physically sick to my stomach...

P.S. You wouldn't be getting reactions like this if you said what this fucking story was really about in the description for fucks sake...
7/25/2014 c1 3ReauMaysa
Women have a right to have an abortion. If a women is raped, why should she have to carry a child that will only bring painful memories? Birth a child that wasn't wanted? How horrible would it be to know your own father raped your mother? That, and what if a young girl got pregnant? Even 10-years-old can get pregnant, and it would be inhumane to make them have a child at such a young age. You have no right at all to say abortions aren't right. Women can have an abortion if they please, and sometimes it's for the better.
7/24/2014 c1 Guest
Sorry but i disagree with is a Sticky Subjecty.
You cant just see from your point of view.

Can you really say that to face of Women and Teenagers Raped almost Daily? Can you tell that to Homeless Women or Sex Slaves or Poor Prostitutes that have been Raped or Taken Advantage of!?

Think About.

Abortion is only Wrong when you are Financial fine but Stupid Enough to Forget Protection.
7/20/2014 c1 6Jade's One of a Kind
My god...I figured it out, or started to realize that it may be an abortion when we were narrated in the flashback of her talking to Suki. When she said that her and Aang did a "thing". [And we all know what what that 'thing' was ;)] Then when we got the flashback of Toph, and Toph mentioned that she doesn't want it, I knew it was an abortion. And I was correct, unfortunately.

I was so anxious to find out what abomination was occurring throughout, and Katara getting an abortion is just...NUTS! In my mind, I was like, I KNEW IT. But why...? That's so out of character for her..

Actually, I was hinting it may be an abortion when she said, We're just kids...but I wasn't exactly sure. Since that could mean anything, you know? But I'm fond with the tactic that you let the mystery pursue, having the reader be anxious on what commotion is occurring. You really had me on edge, there. Lmao. Sadly, it concluded in such a horrible fate. If only this wasn't a one-shot...

Other than that, I was immensely intrigued, so I applaud you for that. Take care of your gradual well-being. :)
7/20/2014 c1 2unusedaccount1337
PRO-LIFER! HOORAY! First M fic that isn't pointless gore, smut, or meaningless violence/rape. PRAISE JESUS.
7/20/2014 c1 Guest
I'm too lazy to log in,

This story was truly moving, the flames you're getting from the other side only help to show how in touch with your opinion this story is. I completely agree that abortion is awful and should be eradicated. A baby is God's gift to the world, why would anyone want to take that away?

Besides me all if ur flames came from guests which could mean that it is just one person.
7/19/2014 c1 Guest
You come off as someone with a narrow understanding of the complex issue of abortion. The attempts at manipulating the reader's emotions are way too ham-fisted to call well written, and your opinion on the subject is made way too obvious to be taken as a honest look into what actually happens when the average person aborts a fetus.
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