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for All In A Garden Green

9/27/2019 c1 DelennTriesTalkingLikeAHuman
Very well written.
9/4/2019 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
This was a piece of deliciousness The language drew you in and wrapped the story around you like a comfortable cloak. With a few deft strokes the charasters came to life, a young Rosemary testing the tugly of first love, Ellen a pushy, inquistive, opiniated bit still loving sister. It's a beautiful slow build to love that is so cruelly taken from the girl who can't even grieve in public as she has no ring. The church, so important to Rosemary, weaves skillfully through the piece, and i adored the hint of love to come, like a veil momentarily lif test giving us a peak at the future. Delightfully satisfyingly done
8/28/2016 c1 10emma de los nardos
I admit I do not remember this story but was intrigued enough to read anyway. Your voice has turns that are uncannily similar to LMM. Now I am curious to read more of your stories.
8/4/2014 c1 5JennWithAPenn
Well this sure was a nice surprise! I’m so glad to finally know how Rosemary's romance with Martin played out. I really feel like this would fit right in with the actual storyline, from their meeting at coffee morning, to Rosemary’s modesty about her talents (loved your reference to hiding talents and the ever-familiar candles/bushels scriptures), to Ellen being her usual controlling self. And then of course, the cherry on top: “if I were to go away, would you wait?” Something about that line just dashed me to pieces. What also struck me was that as the story came to its inevitably tragic ending, you somehow managed to make less so, in the mentioning of a certain birch cup. What I envy most about your writing is the details… perils of satin stitch, and cushion covers of lilies and irises, and stork-bill scissors, and wicker hoops, and the like. You certainly have a gift for thinking of such things—they add a real richness to your stories!
7/24/2014 c1 2Nan of Ingleside
alrighy, I'm sorry this review comes so late- a rare fit of inspiration caught me and I was writing again, so I only just now read it.
read it- and loved it to bits! what I've noticed in all of your stories: you have SUCH a way for beggining stories- I am always drawn into the reality of it in an instant.
I must say I've always been half curious about Martin and half jealous, because I like John Meredith so much- when Rosemary refused him for the first time I thought I'd throw the book out the window. but, in this very short piece, you've managed to make me warm up to him. seems like a strong, good kind of man- and I began to wonder, too, what Rosemary's life would have been like with him.
Ellen was spot-on, too! I would LOVE to read a story, or even a one-shot, about her youth- and you seem to have just the right touch for her. but there, enough of my pressuring! thank you for this beautiful piece!
7/21/2014 c1 22katherine-with-a-k
This hasn't been reviewed yet? perhaps readers are so busy wiping their noses as to not manage the keys. my little heart, just waking up with its first cup of coffee is a little cracked and raw right now. it was a beautiful story alinya -i loved the handwork references, and straight after i write this will have to look up what a rood screen is. after that i will look for the lyrics to all in a garden green.
i loved the story's gentle insistence, ellen's over bearing nature- which you still managed to show had a good heart at its centre; the choir was fun, as was father andrews et al, but the hovering glowing centre that was martin and rosemary took my breath away.
"if i were to go away, would you wait for me?"
perfect in it's phrasing and tone and balance -it was the line of a song.
i also liked how you worked in the scraps of details maud left for us about these two, and especially how it was resolved; the birch cup was a lovely stroke.
sniff sniff, i feel all cosy and melancholy and starry eyed, quite a thing after the morning time off to school rush i just orchestrated!

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