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9/1/2014 c3 1Hwta
Whoa, I need to check my favorite stories more often. O.o I'm excited to read the story x3

Oh Jay's in there. Forgot about him...o.O

I vote for 1 or 4 anyways
8/26/2014 c16 Ben
It's completely staggering just how many arrogant little brats like you there are infesting this site that think they own the place and can do whatever they please. Sixteen 'chapters' and not a single scrap of an actual story? This site isn't your personal blog and you can't do whatever you want despite what you seem to think. You've been reported for multiple rule violations.
8/26/2014 c3 2chenle
WOOOO PART OF THE PROPHECY THANKS FOR KEEPING ELLIE woops caps lock. anyways, thanks again! c: Oh, oh, and, and, for the prophecy prologue, I think I'll have to go with either the third or the fourth option. Yup. OH OH one more thing. still need a beta? because i'd be willing to do that unless you want an actual beta (the only reason i'm not one is because i haven't written enough stories :P) because if you do, then that's cool. c: kk, bye! :3
8/26/2014 c3 3Breaking the Remix
Yay! Thank you very much for accepting Red and Blue. c:
I'm really interested in seeing how the Greek and Roman campers will meet up with each other. c:
8/26/2014 c3 2MadnessAndMe
Woah...Tara's still accepted! Thanks! Even if she's just a minor that's okay! It's fine that you chaned her parentage into Roman (I kind of like the name of Hecate's Roman counterpart)

Keep up the good work! I'll try to give you some ideas
8/25/2014 c6 ThePercyJacksonOracle
Best quote!
8/25/2014 c3 4Kablamstar
I would say fourth or fifth idea. It stinks I won't have my guy as major or minor but, eh *shrugs shoulders* that's life. Can't have everything your way right?
8/25/2014 c3 40Rougeification
Thanks so much for accepting Owen Cross - I'm interested in reading from a Roman Demigod's POV as well as a Greek one's... although I wonder how they'll all meet...

I'm so excited to see what you do with this story... and cannot wait to hear the prophecy!
8/25/2014 c3 ThePercyJacksonOracle
I would like the fifth option for the prologue. I would also like it to be in the second story, so newcomers won't be confused.
8/13/2014 c1 MrGoodyTwoShoes
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2. One or two liners.
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5. Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.
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MGTS of Critics United
7/24/2014 c2 1Hwta
When will you start the story?
7/20/2014 c1 xXBlueOrchidsXx
Major Or Minor: I'm hoping for major, but it all depends on how much you like her.

Name: Leanne Adams

Nickname: She prefers her full name, she fine with Lea, but only with her closest buds.

Age: 16, so she'd be a few months younger than Saige.

Gender: Female

Birth Date: December 11, 2043

Hometown: Novi, Michigan

Personality: When you meet Leanne, she isn't what you call a "friendly" person. She's very cold and sarcastic, always wants to be straightforward, and doesn't bother to sugarcoat things for anybody. She's sort of a buzzkill to anything positive and is pretty logical about things. She's more of a girl of actions rather than words, unless she she's giving sarcastic remarks or when she feels like she needs to to get things done. She likes to keep her emotions hidden, but usually lets it out when she wants somebody to know that she's mad at them. If she were to let out her emotions all at once, it would really show that she's frustrated or angry at herself and feels like her powers and life is more of a curse than blessing. Leanne is too negative for her own good and she knows it, but doesn't care. She can be laid back if she wanted, but if she's in danger, she feels like she always has to be on the move. If she's selected for the syoc, hopefully her character development will show that she actually cares for others and can be kind.

Race: She's half Asian/Caucasion (In other words 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 American) and half Greek (By her godly parent, 1/2 Greek)

Skin Tone: A fair pocelain color, but it's sensitive to sunlight, so she has to wear sunblock.

Hair Color/Length/Style: Leanne's hair is a dark brown, almost black color. It's styled into a choppy, shoulder length cut with her uneven bangs pushed to the side.

Eye Color/Shape/Size: Her eye shape is similar to a slightly narrow almond shape. It's a light green color that fades into a dull silver towards the pupil. She doesn't like them, as she thinks they look dull.

Build: Her figure is a slim and slightly athlectic figure, although she seems a little weak at first glance. She has a flat, toned stomach and legs, but nothing too strong. She's not exactly flat chested, but she's a bit smaller than the "average" bust size.

Height: About 5'7, when she stands up straight.

Tattoos: Has a tattoo of angel wings on her back that she just got, so it would be pretty sore at first.

Braces: She used to have them, as well as a retainer, but doesn't anymore.

Facial Blemishes/ Freckles/ Dimples: She has dimples when she smiles (which is fairly rare and not very noticeable)

Scars: Just one under her right shoulder blade due to a simple car wreck.

Makeup: Just black eyeliner and a plain pinkish nude lipstick. She keeps it light.

Piercing: Only the plain silver ones in her ears.

Greek Or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Hades (Sorry if you didn't want somebody from the big three, her other choice of a godly parent would be Erebus/Erebos)

Mortal Parent: Lisa Melody Adams

Other Noteable Family Members: None that she knows of, as her mother never actually married and her grandparents were really distant. However she considers her closest friend, Monica Fallon (Who is a nymph) as a sister.

Fatal Flaw: Her Hardheadedness- Being very down to earth as well as being cold and distant keeps her from accepting life and admitting she cares for her loved ones.

Powers: Leanne can teleport through shadows, Temporarily possess somebody, Surround and area in darkness that acts as a sheild or poison the ones in it, and revival(she can bring someone back from the dead) The revival is pretty strong, but it has certain rules that make it less powerful. For example, she has to revive them exactly four hours of their death. If not timed right it won't take effect. It only works once per person, so if you've been revived from her before, you won't be revived twice. It is not garanteed that the revival will work, but it works most of the time.

Gender Preference: She's straight. She once questioned herself about it, but concluded she was straight shortly after.

History: Leanne is unsure exactly how Hades and her mother met, but knows the basics. They met as when Hades took his human form as a normal pedestrian in Michigan. Trying to avoid the rain that was heavily pouring, he walked into a small cafe, where Lisa worked as a barista. They had a special connection, and after a couple of months, Leanne's mother had fallen for Hades. After one fateful night, Lisa was pregnant with Leanne. Hades left without a trace, but not before telling her the truth and leaving her confused and a bit heart broken. After Leanne was born, her life was pretty normal until she started elementry school. Like most demigod children, she recieved dyslexia and was often teased for having to go to special tutors for that. Her mother didn't get married, never getting over her feelings for Hades and instead worked as a single mom. During her middle school years, Leanne and her mother had been attacked by a few Immortal monsters. That was when she had discovered some of her powers and found out that Monica, her only friend, was a water nymph. After the attack, Leanne realized who she was and that she wasn't safe being around her mother, as her powers can potentially kill her. Monica told Leanne about Camp Half-Blood, and led her there where she attends all year-round.

Weapons: Leanne has this black ring with a simple dark blue jewel in it. When she takes it of and twists the base of the ring, it forms into this menacing black halberd axe (Which is about her height in length of the handle and blade). She has a simple black and silver sword she uses in the capture the flag event and a simple mortal hand gun with bullets made to take down the monsters not seen bye the mortal eye (This does not take affect against the gods or humans).

Clothing Style: Leanne's style is sort of dark. Mainly loose graphic tanktops, corset-like shirts(mainly gray, white, navy blue, and black colors) with dark skinny jeans. Usually wears hightop converse or combat boots along with her black leather bracelet cuffs.

Theme Songs: Take the Bullets Away- We as Humans

(When somebody tries to tell her to not give up) "Why bother fighting when you know you're losing the battle?"

(When someone coments negatively about how she looks or what she does) "I didn't ask for your opinion, nor do I actually care about it."

Other: I think that's it, hopefully Leanne gets accepted!
7/20/2014 c2 6songwriter16
Here's another male demigod! :)

Major or Minor: Major

Name: Flynn Jacob Waters

Nickname: None

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthdate: February 24, 2043

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Personality: Flynn is a very positive person. He is not one to turn in the face of danger and works very hard to achieve his goals. He loves camp and training, but doesn’t always take it seriously (which drives his other family nuts!). He has a good sense of humor and loves to make people smile. But when it comes to reality (fighting real monsters), he turns deadly serious and is a great leader in the middle of chaos. He becomes very determined to beat whatever they’re fighting. But he is a very loyal and an extremely kind-hearted person. He is extremely intelligent and is a master of architecture and engineering. He uses his intelligence to plan incredible battle strategies for capture the flag, which he LOVES. However, Flynn is also quite social and knows pretty much everyone at camp. Everyone knows who Flynn is, no matter if they like him or not. But Flynn is pretty insecure. He’s conscious of how people look at him and how he comes across to others. He is also insecure about his brains. Sometimes people think he’s a bit of a dork because of how smart he is and he hates that. He is quite opinionated and isn’t afraid to state what he believes. He views Chiron as his father figure, as he is an orphan (more explanation in his backstory). He desperately dreams of meeting his father to ask why he gave him up in the first place.
Race: He doesn’t know what his ethnic background is since he’s an orphan.

Skintone: He is a natural light tan with lots of freckles everywhere! He gets slightly pale in the winter, but nicely tanned in the summer.

Hair Color/Length/Style: Flynn’s hair is a bright auburn, closely cropped and slightly spiked. He never puts in gel or anything, but it sort of naturally spikes.

Eye Color/Shape/Size/: Flynn’s eyes are a bright, startling gray, sort of doe-eyed with a warm intelligence and kindness in them. He has brown and red tipped, medium length eyelashes.

Build(Skinny, Athletic, Thick): He’s sort of in the middle of athletic and skinny. He has visible arm muscles and all upper body strength, no lower body strength.

Height: Flynn is 5ft 11 inches

Tattoos(Optional): None

Braces(Optional): He has never had braces, and his teeth are very straight

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples(Optional): Flynn has freckles everywhere!

Scars(Optional): Several long ones stretching across the length of his chest and a few big ones on his back, all from hellhounds.

Makeup(Optional): None

Piercings(Optional): None

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Athena

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Other Notable Family Members: Unknown

Fatal Flaw: Insecurity—it can hold him back by not doing what he thinks is important

Powers(no more than 6): Intelligence, battle strategy

Gender Preference(Asexual, Straight, Gay, I forgot the word for it..): Straight

History: Flynn doesn’t remember anything but an orphanage when he was little. The workers told him they just found him on the front porch of the building one morning with nothing on but a blanket and a diaper. He hated the orphanage. The workers were nice enough, but the other kids were mean to him. They always thought his eyes were creepy, and Flynn’s brain developed much faster than the other kids did. He was doing complicated geometry for architecture projects when he was five. But this was when he realized he was very different from other kids. When he was six, he had a dream about Athena, telling him that he had a very interesting destiny ahead of him and there was a special camp for kids just like him in New York. She told him she had somebody from this camp coming to collect him. The very next day, Flynn was all packed. The person picking him up turned out to be a satyr named Lewis and Lewis somehow convinced the workers that he was a long-lost cousin. Lewis and Flynn made their way to camp somewhat easily until the very last mile where they were attacked by several hellhounds. Lewis was killed, but Flynn made it across the camp line safely, gravely injured and gravely scarred by what he had seen. He ended up with several scars along his chest and back from the hellhounds. He still has nightmares about the hellhounds.

Weapon(s): Sword and dagger, but prefers sword

Clothing Style: Flynn usually wears his camp shirt, jeans, and black converse, but in the mortal world, he would wear a dark green t-shirt, jeans, and white converse.

Theme Song(s)(Optional): “Counting Stars” by One Republic, “Pompeii” by Bastille, and anything by the Arctic Monkeys

-“I hate spiders!”
-“It’s not every day that you discover more about quantum physics, you know.”
-“Never underestimate the power of a smart person with a great idea.”
-“Laughter is the best medicine. Trust me, it’s a proven science.”

Other: Flynn has only dated two girls in his life—one from the Aphrodite cabin (which didn’t end well), and one from Apollo. He and the girl from Apollo dated one year when they were both fifteen. He hasn’t dated since. His favorite food is any type of Asian-style chicken.
7/19/2014 c2 2MadnessAndMe
Thanks you so much for adding Tara (although I know that this may change...)

I'm gonna be sending two more OCs.
7/19/2014 c1 6songwriter16
Major or Minor: Major

Name: Mac Donatello Jeffries II

Nickname: Mac, that's what he prefers. Although, some girls in his cabin jokingly call him MacDonalds (which he's not fond of).

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birthdate: April 8, 2044

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Personality: Mac is what you'd call an introvert. He's quiet and keeps to himself, especially around other demigods. He hates being the center of attention and usually tries to blend in to the crowd. However, blending into the crowd is quite hard for him, as he's considered quite attractive. But he hates being called out for his looks by girls. He thinks there's so much more to life than being called 'hot.' But this is a bit ironic since he is a son of Aphrodite. He's not one to boast about his life (more about this in backstory) and believes that if you're not satisfied with who you are, YOU are the one who needs to seek out why. Mac is hard to get to know, as he's a bit cautious of others. Although, once you get to know him, he's loyal, kind, selfless, thoughtful, and loves to make you smile. If you're having a bad day, Mac is the one you turn to. He doesn't smile very often because he takes things pretty seriously. But when you really know him, he does like to crack a few jokes. Mac is quite conservative in his view towards girls. He treats them with respect and believes that if you like a girl, you become friends before you date. As for camp, Mac loves it. He enjoys learning more about weapons, monster-fighting, and quests. He is a good fighter, but his archery skills are awesome. Mac is an overall pretty positive person. He won't speak up unless he's spoken to and usually keeps his opinion to himself. He talks relatively quietly and is seldom heard shouting. But another passion of his is singing, and only a few people from his cabin know that he is an amazing singer. Mac is also very intelligent, and seems to belong more to Athena than Aphrodite. He's very insecure about people finding out about his family and who they are. When it comes to fighting monsters, Mac prefers to shoot them with arrows from a distant. He's not exceptionally brave, but when the time comes, he knows he must face them much closer than he wants. His flaws are that he builds up a wall around himself when he first meets someone, as he's had quite a few people in his past become 'friends' with him just because of who his stepmom is. He is, again, sometimes overly cautious.

Race: He's American, but his family has roots in Norway, Scotland, Italy, Holland, and, of course, Greece.

Skintone: He has a slightly pale, pink tone to his skin, but tabs like no one's business in the summer!

Hair Color/Length/Style: Mac's hair is a golden blonde with natural light blonde highlights. It is a shorter haircut, kind of flipped in the front and shorter on the sides.

Eye Color/Shape/Size/: His eyes are one of his most admired features. They are a beautiful deep purple with a few silver flecks that glint and sparkle in the light. They are average size, with long, brown lashes.

Build(Skinny, Athletic, Thick): Mac has more of an athletic build with lean, toned muscles.

Height: Mac is around 6ft-6ft 2inches

Tattoos(Optional): None

Braces(Optional): He had braces from age 13-14

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples(Optional): Mac has a dimple in his right cheek when he smiles, which isn't often.

Scars(Optional): He has a scar on the back if his leg from an empousa attack when he was fourteen. The scar is three claw marks.

Makeup(Optional): None :)

Piercings(Optional): None

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Mac Donatello Jeffries I

Other Notable Family Members: George Hamilton Jeffries III (brother, mortal), Lissandra Kathleen Jeffries (sister, mortal)

Fatal Flaw: Overly cautious

Powers(no more than 6): Charmspeak

Gender Preference(Asexual, Straight, Gay, I forgot the word for it..): Straight

History: Mac was born April 8, 2044. Mac's stepmom, Carly Jeffries, came into Mac's life when Mac was two, so Mac always thought of her as his real mom. Mac's step brother, George, was born when Mac was three, and Lissie (Lissandra) was born a year after that. Mac's father is a big name record producer for several very famous artists and anyone who knows about famous artists knows if his step-mom. His step mom is the famous recording artist Carly Jeffries and Mac was always mentioned in the tabloids with his step brother and sister. Mac always wondered why he looked so different compared to them, as they had dark brown hair and dark green eyes. However, his dad and family acted quite stuck up and snobby. He hated it when his family acted rude towards non famous people just because they weren't as 'high class' as his father said they were. Mac grew up hating his family. When Mac was eleven, he became friends with a satyr (which Mac didn't know) named Chris. He and Chris became good friends. But in eighth grade, an empousa attacked him on the way home from school. Mac fought back and ended up turning the empousa to dust. Chris told Mac he was a Greek demigod, and they ran away to Camp Half-Blood. He was claimed fifteen minutes after arriving. Having studied about Greek mythology, Mac wasn't exactly happy to be Aphrodite's son. He had heard about legendary children of the Love Goddess, such a Piper McLean, and was determined to bring his cabin back into the mindset his lost sister had.

Weapon(s): He carries a bow and arrow is quite skilled at shooting. He's just okay at hand to hand combat and uses a sword for that.

Clothing Style: Mac is perfectly happy wearing his orange camp shirt, jeans, and athletic shoes. But when he's in the mortal world, a purple, black, and gray plaid flannel, dark jeans, and vans.

Theme Song(s)(Optional): "Cough Syrup" by Young the Giant and "Yellow" by Coldplay.

-"I'm perfectly happy being me and some shallow girl like you won't change that."
-"No one's going to be left behind, I promise."

Other: His favorite food is spaghetti carbonara and he's never dated in his life (which is funny, as his mom is the goddess of Love). :)

-Hoe you like Mac! :)
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