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7/18/2018 c9 Liddell101
7/16/2018 c9 198Bramblerose4
Oh my goodness! This is 1000x better than I could have ever imagined! It's so cute and endearing and tender and I can't stop the smile on my face!

It's a wonderful gift! Thank you so much! I love it!
5/29/2017 c8 Taly
A great chapter and, well, a great fic all around! Thank you for taking the time to write and share all of this! Nostalgia hit me & I started watching Gen Rex & then realized that these two have a lot of potential together. Then I looked up some fanfics & this is the first one I'm reading. Very good introduction to the ship & very enjoyable. Thanks again 3
5/29/2017 c7 Taly
It was very, very Noexy and cute! Love the Bobo parts too haha
5/29/2017 c5 Taly
More sweetness 333
5/29/2017 c4 Taly
Homophobia sucks but this fic doesnt 333 Love this chapter too!
5/29/2017 c3 Taly
I like how you showed some of Noah's heroic and dedicated side! Great chapter, as usual 3
5/29/2017 c2 Taly
So sweet! Loving how you write the affection between these two!
5/29/2017 c1 Taly
That last line? Wow 333
8/13/2015 c3 Guest
Me encantó, me gusta mucho que Noé sea protector con Rex :)
7/24/2014 c7 Guest
Cute. Very cute. Glad to see hobo up to no good. LOL
7/24/2014 c8 Bramblerose4
*tears up* yes, this is exactly what I wanted in the sequel. I love these boys so darn much! Thank you
7/23/2014 c7 Bramblerose4
*giggles insanely and fist pumps the air* This was the perfect sequel!

I do, I do love it!
7/22/2014 c6 Bramblerose4
Gah! I loved this. What a position to be in. You better do a second part to this, otherwise I will!

Haha, you know who, you're making me sound like Lord Voldemort.

I like it!
7/22/2014 c5 13KaitlynShadowheart
I love this series soooo much ugh
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