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for Unpredictable Re-encounter

11/15/2020 c4 russia2774
please continue to update
9/17/2018 c4 noeliaf87
Hace años que no escribes, estoy esperando que continues la historia. Además me preocupa tu salud o bienestar.
4/2/2018 c4 Guest
Has this story been abandoned?
3/10/2017 c4 debpreato
Its to bad its been three yrs since last update. This is a great story. ..hope it continues.
3/10/2017 c2 debpreato
Looking forward to Dimitri putting Tasha in her place!
4/16/2016 c4 2cloclovilla
Awesome sequel! I hope there's going to be a strigoi attack before they leave (it's less likely to happen in court, and like that we can see everyonefight together, even christian. Because stigoi lost last time this time they gathered more strigoi. and then have the kids reaction and the rose and dimitri's as parents (just an idea ;) )
I wonder which name they'll learn first between adrian lissa eddie christian and mia ;) I bet lissa would have quite a reaction, whether it's happiness or jalousy she'll definetly react ;)
Anyways ;) keep up the good work!
I really like the way you write :D
10/30/2015 c4 touls
It's really nice to read something that is so nice. Not many stories out there like that. Curious to find out what would happen when they get to court, in particular, with Tasha! Will she want Dimitri still and try to break them up?
10/7/2015 c4 6EvreHavva
hey y el siguiente capitulo
esta muy buena
3/23/2015 c3 buttercup431
Please carry on! I really want to know what happens next!
3/7/2015 c4 7ilovesos9467
Update soon! Love this!
3/1/2015 c4 buttercup431
When is the next chapter? :)
2/22/2015 c4 Jessmitri Belikov
I really enjoy this story and cant wa it untill you update again.
10/8/2014 c4 russia2774
Loving this story please more
10/1/2014 c4 1catnip851
Wish it was longer! Update soon!
8/15/2014 c3 Macking21
Please update !
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