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for Jersey Girls

10/4/2017 c33 Guest
i still love this fic
3/12/2016 c29 Distractionforyourthoughts
This story is amazing!
8/27/2015 c33 belle
So excited for the next update :)
8/26/2015 c33 Guest
Aaaaaaah please don't stop! Keep writing! I love your story!
8/10/2015 c33 XOldAccX
I started reading and I couldn't stop! Such a good story! x
5/27/2015 c33 23Sparks Diamond
Awesome! I hope you update soon! :)
5/25/2015 c33 Enigmaticity
I read this ff in one go and i am in love with it, i cant wait for the next chapters!
5/15/2015 c33 tealoverx
Great! :)
5/14/2015 c33 48AlecTowser
I was excited to see a Jersey Boys story get updated. I can't wait to see what you do with Tommy's POV.
5/11/2015 c32 Guest
Omg this fic is beyond amazing,I love it so much

I've been obsessed with jersey boys since forever and this weekend I actually got to see it on broadway and it was perfect :3
5/10/2015 c32 Belle
I really like this book, and no pressure to update too soon, but I check everyday to see if its updated because I'm addicted to the story line. I've even reread it a few times! You're an amazing author!

Belle x
4/17/2015 c32 AlecTowser
I've been enjoying this story from the beginning. I look forward to where you plan on going with this.
3/14/2015 c32 23Sparks Diamond
Awesome! Please update soon!
2/23/2015 c32 Me
I love this :)
1/30/2015 c31 Guest
I love this book, and especially this chapter. I always look forward to seeing the next update.
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