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for Never Been Good to Me

7/20/2014 c1 Guest
You got Pam down well, and I wish we had seen some reaction from her when Tara died. The fact that she did nothing made me think Tara was still somehow alive... I love the fact that they're finally putting Eric and Pam back together (for now), but I saw Tara as someone special to Pam too. Tara was starting to build friendships with Jessica and mentor Willa and become less of a hurt and damaged person. Pam was able to help her in a way no one else did, and now that's all gone... :(

Anyway, nice scene.
7/19/2014 c1 Guest
This is should happen in the fucking show. Fuck True Blood.
7/18/2014 c1 36Im a Doctor Not a Writer
Gruesome. Cool!
7/18/2014 c1 7pamandtaraliveon
So sad...I kind of hope pam dies and can be with tara :( morbid I know but this fuckin sux

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