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for The Horn's Grace

4/21/2022 c4 12Esmereilda
ok im curious to see how the grace frag deals with other canon events from later seasons
9/18/2020 c8 6dramatv
Cool! Love Sam have some sort of powers back!
6/30/2020 c3 3Mahal the Maker
I haven't read the chapters after this one yet, but I find it very interesting already and am ecxited to see where it will go. Part of me thinks it also would have been funny if you had callled the story "Sam Winchester: Grace Whisperer".
8/11/2018 c8 Guest
This is such a well written and amazing fic- I love the story and the characters are really accurately portrayed! Ahh this is so awesome to read!
5/4/2018 c8 36AliceCullen3
6/1/2017 c8 castra-hiberna
love love love love love love love love love! 3 3 3
yeah i kinda adore this story...
7/19/2016 c8 4JasmineDB
Absolute wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this.
5/15/2016 c8 Ann
Awesome. I feel like Gabriel kinda wants the bond. And Sam wants Gabriel, so he'll be ok with it (?). I liked Cas dragging Dean out of the room. Even he realized Dean was being an ass.
I would totally read more!
5/15/2016 c7 Ann
Clever Gabriel; though he probably doubted his breadcrumb would actually work. I wonder if influencing his dream actually help Gabriel in real life - like smoothing out those strings. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens when Gabriel does wake up.
Is that what happened to the Grace? Did it get burned out first by the sirens? It would be cool if that piece of consciousness rejoined Gabriel though. Is this going to end kinda like 50 First Dates?
5/15/2016 c5 Ann
Cool dream stuff. With that comparison, Lucifer and even Gabriel's true forms, we can see just how small the left over Grace and consciousness actually is.
I wonder what the Horn will actually do.
5/15/2016 c1 Ann
Woah, cool. This is certainly an interesting idea! I think it's funny that the Horn of Truth was in the Men of Letters bunker. Did they even know what they had?
Well, Gabriel's grace is upset. It probably sensed all the interaction Sam had with Gabriel, or just responded to the first soul to touch it in who knows how long, and that's why it followed him. I'm curious to see what'll happen next. This is certainly interesting for the boys to learn that grace (or at least an archangel's grace) is sentient to an extent.
2/4/2016 c8 Chro
aaaaah! I wish there was more of this. this has to be one of my fav GabrielSam fanfics ever. Its not your usual fic, cause it was/wasn't really Gabriel in the beginning. Love it. Sad it was last updated back in 2014.
If there was a update I'd probably have the biggest fangirl freak out ever lol
1/25/2016 c8 5Pogostickgirl15
Continue! It's really good and I can't stop reading it!
11/19/2015 c8 98EmrysTheMerlin
Omg I wanna know what happens!
3/29/2015 c8 3shookenuppepsi
First Sabriel story, woot woot! I really like how the piece of Gabriel worked to fill a hole in Sam's life. He needed someone on his side and he got it. I also really liked the way he wasn't humanoid for most of it, but he was still the Gabriel we know and love. The angst between sam and Dean was well played out. My main question us whether or not Gabe in the last chapter was like his full self? Because he talked about the piece of grace and stuff, but we did t get much explanation as to how he would have survived. Great story, I hope you continue it.
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