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11/29/2019 c2 8smilerlovatic1919
I guess this story will never be updated
5/1/2017 c2 12VAdarkwind
Wow... Memories. And wow, Niley... ;)) All those memories, wow... And that "MY WEDDING" thing... A picture with Nick should be there. And of course she's in Tennessee. And I love this cover... Mmm, great storylines... All your stories have great storylines. Brilliant... I wanna read them all...
5/1/2017 c1 VAdarkwind
Oh my God... This was intense... I read this a while ago (the first chapter), but I guess my sister closed the tab or something, and I didn't remember the title and agonized over that before reading some other random story. But wow, wow, wow. Miley said she likes to shock people. That could also be a reason for her vulgar behavior—but I like your reasons better. Haha, I can guess who all the people are. Pretty easy. Haha. Lovin' the 'Prince Charming' reference from her "Miles to Go" book. Wasn't it just ADORABLE how he signed it, too? ;))) And let me click that 'follow' button before I forget and scream out in frustration.
9/24/2014 c2 4XoXoILOVENILEYoXoX
I'm glad your making it a short story, it's great so far. Please update soon.
9/23/2014 c2 MissQueenyB
Yayay love it grate job
9/22/2014 c2 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/22/2014 c2 Simar
It's amazing. I loved it. I. Can't wait for the next one. Thx!
9/22/2014 c2 and-i-ope
9/22/2014 c2 Abandon-Account.12345
Update soon. Can't wait for the next chapter. Things just got interesting.
9/15/2014 c1 Alecks454
I like this a lot
9/9/2014 c1 Guest
Please continue.
9/9/2014 c1 Guest
Loved it. Update soon. I want to know if they find her.
8/28/2014 c1 5PopPrincess9500
Please make this into a three shot I love this story! I am begging u to please continue with it! I will review on every chapter I promise but please update it soon!
8/6/2014 c1 12brucas224
loved it more please update soon!
7/28/2014 c1 MissQueenyB
Omg this is so good can't wait untill the next part update soon plzz ... Ps there nothing wrong with long Chapters I love them
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