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for Lightning & Time Part I (First Draft)

7/26/2019 c67 Winter kiss
If you ever continue this story will you also add the French revolution? Or with the frye twins? Also if Elinana is to be hanged or burned at a stake. Just let her say the lords prayer it has something to do with if your a witch or saying it I mean.I really hope you continue this story.
3/16/2019 c66 ladybug1995
Please update soon I love this story and can't wait for more.
2/9/2019 c67 Winter kiss
I hope you continue this story. And if elinana has to go to court for being a witch. If she says the Lord's prayer they couldn't be found guilty. I think that's how witch hunts go. So that's an idea to work with.
8/18/2018 c67 Rose Thorn Catli
Nooooooooooooooooo T.T don't leave me!
7/20/2018 c67 Ihateducks
You know, I kinda miss Elinana previous behaviour around Altair and Ezio chapters, who says she was a Marie-Sue anyway?
10/10/2017 c65 2Spirit of Aura
Connor is going to be so pissed.
9/5/2017 c65 Guest
Please tell me you're still writing this ️
12/13/2016 c2 1MorganSkylar
that's quite a mouthful name
12/13/2016 c1 MorganSkylar
12/11/2016 c61 imnotraven16
awesome chapter
12/4/2016 c1 MorganSkylar
put oc tag
11/8/2016 c60 LaziestProcrastinator
Here's a general 'Hi' for ya!
7/13/2016 c55 jedichillwill
You misspelled 'Christian' and speaking as one and as a veteran, I can reconcile the commandment "thou shalt not murder" with the sometimes dark necessity of taking a life, as several times God gave the command that life must be taken for life, either for the sake of justice, keeping the community strong safe and healthy, or simply in the name of self defense. But anyways that's just my two sense on the matter, hope it helps :)
3/12/2016 c56 LaziestProcrastinator
You've come really far from just desigining the character for somebody else's Fanfiction haven't you?
Something with the Mario Verse huh?
I want to see how you're gonna deal with the fact that Mario is a Tier 2-B and how you're gonna adopt that in your story.

Explanation of 2-B is as follows
''Characters who can create and/or destroy 1001 to 10500 universal space-time continuums. 10500 is the scientifically theorized number of 4-dimensional universal space-time continuums within our own multiverse''
3/6/2016 c55 LaziestProcrastinator
Ahh... Our little time traveller has all grown up, having her first kill. Daddy would be so proud.

Or not...

I know what you mean by school's challenge, vacation is boring.
Anyway looking forward to the next chapter!
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