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for He Wasn't Heavy

8/22/2020 c1 CecileGa
Thanks for this story
4/30/2017 c1 maclooping
It's alway a pleasure to read a good story between BA and Face ! And this song are perfect for this story ! Really good work !
2/23/2017 c1 58Catalina Leigh
I've read this before, but I had to read it again because it's so good! (Gotta reread the best stories) I really love moments like this between BA and Face, especially if they're from BA's POV. Anyway, I realized I hadn't reviewed it yet, so just thought I'd tell you it's awesome! Great job :)
4/2/2016 c1 96peppe1951
Great story...great song
11/30/2014 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
good story about Face and BA.

love ones that have BA there for a injured Face.
8/1/2014 c1 26Mynerva
This was so well written, and the info at the end was a wonderful addition. You managed to bring a tear to my eye. Fave!
7/22/2014 c1 13RoundBrainySpecs
Oh gosh, this is absolutely lovely! Made me sniffle and feel a lovely warmth. Wonderfully done! You captured B.A.'s relationship with the others so beautifully, and really brought out how much he cares for Face. You interwove the song so well I was hearing it through the whole thing.

If I might humbly make a small suggestion, it might be more effective to split "Yep, there he goes, at least his voice is good" into either separate sentences or insert a semicolon (personally, I think the semicolon would be most effective - "Yep, there he goes; at least his voice is good").
7/21/2014 c1 24MissEclipse
Very refreshing to see something from BA's prospective. He's just a big pussy cat at the end of the day! Great song, which blended in well with your narrative.

I think it may have been Facelove who gave you the idea for a BA/Face story. I know she is a big Face fan!
7/20/2014 c1 24Sandilynn Petersen
Great job! I like how B. A. tries to cover by growling at Murdock so no one suspects the song is affecting him. He didn't fool Face, though, did he?

I've got the version The Hollies did on my iPod under my favorites and also under my Vietnam era songs (so I can have those playing in the background while I write anything about those times.)

I love the ending and how you link the last line with the song. Love how you got into B. A.'s mind in this. You pegged Face and Murdock well, too.
7/19/2014 c1 pinar-x
I absolutely loved this. It's interesting.

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