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for A Marked Victim

9/7/2021 c11 fanlover18
Did u stopped this story I really want to know who did it to our tetsu
9/4/2021 c11 Kawaiigoddess22
This is so good, love this. I want to know what will happen next, and this mystery person who hurt Testuya. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to read more from this story.
9/28/2019 c11 41PhoenixNinja101
HOLY SH*T! So, forget any of my previous comments if I ever made one. So while I speculated Kagami earlier, maybe it was Himuro-kun? Since he kinda defended Kagami, and the killer's been saying some shit about purifying his brother or somethi-

Actually, wait, NO- that's stup*d. If Himuro really hated Tetsuya that much, why bother killing the other eight victims?

Sh*t man, this thing's driving me insane. I've been thinking of ways how the characters "ro" and "ku" or vice versa were connected, or between the word 'dark' and the number six, or any codes within the victims' names but h*ll it's difficult asf I mean how do you thought this out?

Argh, my curiosity's killing meee...! ;-;
6/7/2018 c1 waiting
hello! Still looking forward to your updates
12/2/2016 c11 10Eli Clark
Uh... for some reason I'm suspecting the rapist and killer to be Himuro Tatsuya.
4/5/2016 c11 Brown Earth Girl
Omg you killing me! Please update please!

Oh is the culprit himuro?
3/29/2016 c10 Animegirlxccx
Can someone plese tell who is the fuckin culpit god. I love the stroy
3/15/2016 c11 Guest
1/13/2016 c9 5Svetlana303
Holy fuckin shit i almost fell of the couch because of this crazy cliffhanger. And omg! I totally forgot about the dog lol. I cant to read mo
1/10/2016 c11 GayAjin
it's definitely fucking Himuro
1/2/2016 c8 GayAjin
no no no no no no no no n o n. o. im gonna go die now. bye
11/28/2015 c11 hate1994
After not reading this story for a long time and coming back to it...I fell in love with your writing once again! Sorry for not reviewing chapter 9 and 10, but I just couldn't stop reading.
Now on with the review of the chapters. I don't think it was Kagami since at the end of this chapter The Marker stayed behind and look at everybody's back leaving. That can only mean that he was either among the people that stayed back or hinding somewhere. Also I would like the believe that the reason for Kuroko to scream at the sight of Kagami was because The Marker either looks or his appearance looked like Kagami or while The Marker was hurting Kuroko he repeatedly said Kagami's name so Kuroko was thinking about Kagami while he was being beaten and asociate Kagami with being harmed (if that make sense).
Another thing, where is Nigou? In chapter 9 we find out that Nigou is nowhere in sight, does that mean that The Marker took him? The Marker better not have hurt Nigou too! Maybe if they find Nigou they'll find at least where the guy lives.
I really do hope it's not Himuro, but with this chapter I'm not so sure. But it really is a wonder how his guy could easily see Kuroko. The one thing I don't understand is how does The Marker chooses his victim, besides the name thing, I mean he could have been look at everyone's name just to select his target, right. Another thing that's been bugging about The Marker is he kept talking about his brother like he really care about him (I don't know why seem strang to me but it does).
Can't wait for more! And good luck with your school work! Till next time!
11/26/2015 c11 58DragonSilhouette
Please tell me it's not Himuro. 'Cause it kind of seems that way now. I like him too much to serve a life sentence behind bars/get murdered by Akashi :P
11/24/2015 c11 5ThatOneMoron
This is awesome, can't wait for the next update~~~ cx
11/24/2015 c11 1YourAverageStone
One basic idea in my mind.

brother? like Himuro and Taiga? But I fell that maybe doesnt right. Cause that s a common idea right? right?
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