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14h c39 Nad19
ughhh dumbbells makes me sick
5/7 c20 Nad19
that's sexual harassment people?! what the hell is wrong with this kids?! he is just eleven years old boy damn it! a traumatized one as well! have some shame, that is just cruel ️
4/27 c1 Essiebeth
Ok. You had me intrigued by a Harry x Charlie Weasley storyCharlie has always been a favourite of mine, second only to the Twins. And is sadly overlooked by both Canon and much of fanfiction alike.

You have me well and truly hooked by the end of this first chapter, and I'm stealing in for what I truly hope will be a fantastical tale.

In to the next chapter! I mean who needs sleep?
4/22 c2 ariannac
So...every time you update...I do a happy dance. Then, I'm compelled to start from the very beginning and re-read before I can indulge in the new chapter. Then...I'm sad; left waiting until I can happy dance once more. Harry/Charlie is a guilty pleasure that you've started, so thanks!
4/16 c45 Winter1906
Update soon please
4/9 c44 noir kumo
It's okay. I never forced myself to read this story. This story so great and magnificent and did not need any forcing to read(even if someone put knife on my throat) I will keep reading. All those roller coaster of emotions of fluffiness, sweet, super dark and mess up are necessary for your story. So don't mind those people that give hate comments. Probably they never experienced all those fluffy, sweet sad and darks moments in their life. And have a great day my dear author and stay safe
4/8 c7 noir kumo
I definitely can see Charlie face
4/8 c7 noir kumo
Sooooo cuteeeee
4/8 c3 noir kumo
What the contents of the will?
3/31 c45 Guest
I have loved your story from the beginning. You have me on pens and needles waiting for the next chapter.

3/24 c24 fanficnewbee
This story is so freakin' adorable, tyfs!
3/19 c1 Svenion
dude, Charlie is like 18 or 19. wtf is wrong with you?
3/19 c45 charr32009743
Ello! Just re-read this story again and I found out that this was just updated a few weeks ago! Frogging luving this story so much 3
Hopefully your doing alright author!
3/17 c45 phoenix harry potter lover
please update ASAP!
I am in love with this story,
i laughed till i had tears in my eyes,
i cried to...
i there were so much scary chapets tbh i was a little scared...
this story...
you don't know what will happen,
you can't tell until you read it.
that's what a book is upposed to do,
live in the story, feel the emotions, not knowing whatthe next chapter will be,
3/17 c6 fanficnewbee
Okay that comment completely unnecessary about Samuel L. Jackson. I would ask you not to do that. Even though you have moved on from these chapters and will probably not even see or read this comment, it was still necessary to say! Your story is real good and and can stand on it's own I admit, but that does not mean you can make comments like that. You can imagine a chibi all you want to make yourself feel better about this critique, but just so you know I'm not mad just disappointed in this author.
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