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8/15/2021 c1 3loki98065
just came back and re read. any chance of finishing this or terran jedi after game of thrones?
12/13/2020 c7 llian-winter
I know that this and Terran Jedi are both probably dead but I like Alexis as a pairing for Xander more than the assassin chick.
9/3/2019 c7 edenson65
This is good... look forward to more.
8/20/2019 c2 1Cemalidor
Oh dear, this should be good. Mc Jedi to the rescue. :XD
12/20/2018 c7 Guest
Hogwarts School of Prayers and Miracles is a troll/crack fanfiction. It is MEANT for the laughs. This "Grace Ann" lady doesnt exist. She/he is just an internet troll. They are trolling wonderfully and have clearly succeeded in their job since a lot of people like you are apparently fooled.

It is just A TROLL FIC and it’s meant for the laughs. It’s meant to highlight the stupidity and cult mentality of some extreme people. No, it’s not mocking Christianity or feminism and no it’s not encouraging the stupid things said in this fic that are CLEARLY meant for the laughs. Tom Riddle’s perspective clearly displays it in the end.

Just read the last chapter again and pay attention to what "Voldemort" is actually saying. The author is using him as their Author Avatar.

I can see that you have written your own stories and you are quite successful writer on this site. But perhaps you should also learn how to read? And not get triggered over silly fanfiction? Tbh it just makes you look like a toddler throwing a tantrum. I guess you may be able to write really good stories but you still need help with your bad reading comprehension.

Or maybe its just so, so easy to feel morally superior in front of a silly troll fic.

Either way, the fact that you didn't know that you were just feeding an internet troll, is just pathetic.
11/10/2018 c7 snowecat
Wow, you're fantastic on characterization so far. I could see Castle looking over Beckett. Good that Esposito's friend is being smart about the vampires, being organized about it. Smart man. It's good to see you writing again, it's been a long time.
2/3/2018 c7 potterhp

I'm pretty sure you a lot of these reviews from time to time, but I was hoping to check and see if the Jedi Harris series is still live. Any chance you are posting new chapters elsewhere ? Kindly LMK.

1/11/2018 c7 fan01
Where did u go... I luved this fic please try and update this jedi universe
10/30/2017 c7 1Jarvey
Still alive!
7/16/2017 c7 Alkeni
7/3/2017 c7 3doraemax
Heh, i guess Alexis will be undergoing the crash course, huh? started off the deep end on the supernatural side? Thankfully her dad raised her right, that she didn't start with a lot of anger inside her.

Huh, Lanie and Esposito being night-side aware... what about Ryan? with his Irish background, and that stint of undercover he did... there's a chance he knew, right? Hmm, New York police department doesn't have an SI division, right? Something like in dresden files, the local X-Files dept? huhuhu
7/3/2017 c6 doraemax
A Tablet? Could it be a tablet that animate things/mummies at night to have a party? hehe
6/29/2017 c7 32The Sithspawn
Great to see more of this! :)

I'm glad to see u have time to update this and Robb Returns :)

Keep up the good work and update again soon please! :)
6/28/2017 c7 MattKennedy
Ooo. Esposito is a secret demon hunter! :)
6/27/2017 c7 magitech
Thnks for another chapter of this great story.

Yeah I can see Rick going nuts about Alexis being a Jedi, though I think he'd come to terms with it fairly quickly. Kate though, hmmm
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