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12/12/2012 c6 Guest
loved it, i hope more follows
1/7/2009 c6 2Semaro
Finally, a non-too-angsty R/J fic, and with a happier ending than the effing movie, too. Thanks for this, I liked it a lot. This was kind of the ending I had made up in my head (I'm in complete denial over anything that happened in the movie, btw), so yeah. Like it.
4/28/2007 c6 p-town girl
Aww, I was sort of hoping they would at least stop in Portland. We are San Fransico's little lipstick lesbian sister. Seriously, visit sometime, we rule.

Great fic so far.
6/17/2004 c6 38Dr FooFoo
*Dies* You can't leave it there! *Whips you into compliance* Keep writing, dammit! o_o
6/10/2004 c6 56Angel Reid . Tobias Dominik
Oh, please say this wasn't the last chapter! *saddness if it is* Ahh! It's beautiful. XD
6/6/2004 c3 5Michelle Micky
I can't hate you... I love evil people :P

reviewing chica
5/8/2004 c6 12Jeru
OCC, but great
Love it
2/3/2004 c6 sinful kitty
Wow, did you make these two hot for each other! I hope you update soon I like to see how things will get spiced up!
9/28/2003 c6 artuta
Oh, that was -such- a delicious ending! It was surprising, and... just completely wonderful.

I got to Chapter 6 and went 'no, it can't be over yet!' but it was, and it was GOOD. It was... oh my.

I'm running out of words here, I feel silly... ok. The words you use, just how you describe everything, it paints a very rosy image in one's mind. I love your fics so much... they make my day, they really do. They're beautiful and just... so... I'm thinking you get the point by now? :) You write them as I can see Justin and Richard. I can see them doing that... oh yes. And I'm done. I heart you and your words.
9/28/2003 c4 artuta
Although I do plan on finishing this, I must take a pause right now and tell you how much I love it. It's long enough, and it's descriptive, but it's not boring... it's... enticing? I believe that's the word... anyway, Schizy, always keep the pen to the paper. Loving it!
9/9/2003 c6 16Rina76
Aw yeah! Richard is such a whore! Hehehee.. that's why we luff him! Nice piece of writing, chicky. Can't wait for the next chapter! And I love Richard's mom's name! :)
5/19/2003 c5 Ophelia
OMG! this is fucking amazing! please Please PLEASE WRITE MORE!
2/25/2003 c5 RiseAgainPhoenix
AW! Ohmymymymymymy. This is a lovely fic. You've captured unapproved love perfectly, and you seriously need to continue. This line:

"You going to live your entire life according to Nietzsche?" Richard grinned impudently, "And die of syphillis-induced insanity?"

Justin huffed with annoyance. "Only if you decide to fuck some dirty slut one night"

is one of the sweetest things I've ever read ^_^
2/4/2003 c5 PIPER
hey i really enjoy your story and i think it's well written i hope you continue on with it. and i can't help but notice that after reading your bio you sound like a lot of my friends lol. anywho i thought it was funny. keep writing

1/27/2003 c5 A.J.Riddle1
cool story, please write more.
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