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8/4/2014 c4 10theoddestcastle
Ugh! You mentioned the thing! I hate the thing, the thing was so eugh! I love your writing style. Great metaphor usage. Another painful memory relieved by a simple act of love.
8/4/2014 c3 theoddestcastle
Omg haha! Well done! You've captured the essence of Mr. Nigel-Murray in a excellent manner. Alas, a smile of sadness as I remember his untimely demise. Aces!
8/1/2014 c4 289FaithinBones
I didn't really have an opinion about Gannah until she took Brennan's sunglasses. It was at that moment that I found I disliked her immensely
8/1/2014 c3 FaithinBones
Wouldn't we all like to see how Vincent wore a reptile as a hat? He did say he was clever with ribbons
8/1/2014 c2 FaithinBones
Hannah was Booths shield. Unfortunately she have him more pain and left him totally vulnerable
8/1/2014 c4 25Covalent Bond
I love the metaphor of the sun glasses being a veil lifted away from Brennan's eyes. To me, they were symbolic of Brennan consciously 'giving' Booth to Hannah, but this idea works just as well. :D
8/1/2014 c4 Matt
If you're telling this from Brennan's POV, I'd say "Our daughter", rather than "Their daughter." But other than this, this was lovely!
8/1/2014 c4 20dgschneider
ohhhh...the first half of season six is SO painful. What a testament of how much she loved him! She put herself and her needs squarely behind his happiness. Loved the visual of her clutching those little pink sunglasses in her hand. And the image of her being able to come back to this reality. She won. Here she is in the park with their daughter :)
8/1/2014 c4 jsboneslover
Wow - this one was kind of deep! I had to think about it for a minute, because I'm one of those "wipe Hannah out of your mind asap" people. Beautiful ending.
7/30/2014 c3 25Covalent Bond
This is priceless!

I don't think I've ever seen anyone cover this incident. You did a great job showing the wacky thought process that must have been involved to make VNM decide that a live iguana would make a fine substitute for a Tyrolean hat. "I'm clever with ribbons..." LOL!
7/30/2014 c2 Covalent Bond
I'm glad you had Booth's thoughts remind him that he already knew Hannah wasn't "the marrying kind" and that proposing marriage showed he didn't really know her at all.
7/30/2014 c1 Covalent Bond
What a nice idea for a series! :)

It's great that Booth got a chance to see Brennan in that little black dress from Vegas once again. I chuckled at the idea that he's now considering it lingerie, LOL!
7/29/2014 c3 Julie SBXMomX
Ahhh - I miss VNM. It was the funniest scene when he told Brennan about wearing her Iguana as a hat. Loved that you expanded that story line to show us just how that happened. You got to give Vinnie props for being creative with the ribbons. I am quite impressed he could pull that stunt off. Great story!
7/26/2014 c2 10theoddestcastle
I really, really, really love reading fics from the characters perspective. You've tapped into Booth's thoughts quite well so far. Keep it up!
7/26/2014 c1 theoddestcastle
Whoah! Heh, heh hot! Lol! Ya know, I think you could take this and expand it to something *cough* smutty *cough. cough* You're talented. I think you could do it very nicely.
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