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9/30 c47 Curmudgeon60
You keep referring to Sirius as "the animagus" but you never have him transform.
9/25 c67 ermileentalavera
This is amazing! I read it in two days! . I hope there are more stories like these with cross over to the Royal family. I love how Princess Diana is included in this story. I hope there's a sequel as to how Sirius will be the step father of Prince William
9/20 c67 2FaerieFlightz
Really loved this story! Thank you for taking the time to write and complete this story!
9/20 c50 1airenj25
Ha-ha, Sirius will have a filled day teasing Lucus
9/20 c47 airenj25
9/19 c40 airenj25
oi SIRIUS has a crush on princess DI
9/19 c67 LadyKirsten
Freaking hilarious ending. Great overall story.
9/19 c34 airenj25
It seems like there are a Diana and Sirius couple ship sailing
9/16 c2 Strange and sick
So your story depends primarily on the Queen and her government allowing child abuse. As well as magicals in know also allowing child abuse. Weird and disgusting
9/18 c1 airenj25
This is such a great story, I'm loving this
9/17 c67 lgainestemp
Your story was mentioned when HP stories involving the Queen were requested. I enjoyed the story immensely. Thank you for taking the time to write. I love is a great OC. As many others said, I would love to read more. Thank you again!
9/16 c67 4Ilena Petrova
will you continue or make a sequel? as you put this story as complete? but we havent seen what happens after this chaoter or mabye an epilogue?
9/8 c67 Lisa Cooper
Thanks for writing ROYAL WARD. It was fun and sometimes amusing. Sometimes I could say you’re not being true to the characters and in some ways you are creating a new story other than the original series. The things is this something written and it is becoming something other than what the original author had in mind. (I don’t think you stole J.K. Rowlings story, but you are growing a new story that even though, let’s compare this to trees it might look like a certain type of oak; it maybe even the same species, but it is still its own plant. (We must be very careful with this argument. I am not trying to encourage plagiarism!) Your variation is still quite fun too. Thanks for your story.
9/1 c67 3Lynne George
Omg, LOVED this story! There were some plot beats I have never seen before, which is exceedingly rare. I hope there is a sequel of some kind, as some plot points and lines got buried, like Harry's family tree... I'm off to your profile to find out!
8/19 c67 wandamarie
great job on the story so far keep up the great work thank you
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