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9/18 c66 Nova
Love it love it love it!
Just reading everything all over again and I’m so enjoying everything! I can’t wait to see dumbles get his just desserts!
9/16 c43 Harold Lloyd
So far it's an interesting story. It'll be amusing if Sirius ends up in the Royal Family.

Some historical information for you as I'm not sure of your familiarity with mid-80's televisions.

Assuming Vernon bought the biggest TV he could, in keeping with his worldview, he'd probably have bought a 27 inch TV. Depending on make/model it could weigh anywhere between 60 and 95 pounds.

And then the worst thing. Dudley broke the screen. A CRT is a vacuum tube. The front glass of a CRT is 3/4 inch thick to hold up under the pressure (2.25 TONS of air pressure). If he got only cuts, bruises, and a broken foot, he was very, very lucky.
9/15 c16 Guest
Was enjoying this until Harry taught draco how to speak parseltongue in a matter of seconds. Truly idiotic. You really think NO WIZARD OR WITCH THOUGHT OF THAT? Are you fucking retarded? This became a complete and utter shit fic. Waste of time. I fucking hate authors liek you that waste my time with shit fics like this so all I gotta say is fuck you and I hope you quit writing.
9/17 c66 1Raven of the Whiplash
A good story, but a few points of review. I feel like it's moving far too slow. You have currently used 300k words and 66 chapters for 1 and a half years worth of time, and if your writing stays consistent, I feel like your going to spend that amount of time per hogwarts year. While it's amicable to be so heavily into your writing, from a readers point of view, its very damaging as people would lose intrest if chapters were mostly filler instead of main event. This isnt a reprimand against your writing, you have brilliant world building and background history which makes the story deep, but because most of the story is background and world building, that deepness feels hollow. Im going to keep reading as you update, but thats just something for you to think about maybe. You started off with a very interesting prompt, one that isn't common at all, but the erasure of Voldemort kind of takes away the whole idea of, at least what i interpret, a HP fic, and made it into a sort of coming of age style film. I dont have that sense of urgency that I would have on a normal written HP fic, as you've eliminated the threat of voldie, and Dumbledore has been played a fool, drastically decreaseing his threat level. When you brought the prophesy into the mix as a way to see if its fullfillied, I kind of hoped that you would jump to the idea of Voldie not being the Dark Lord in question. I feel like that kind of plot point really meshes well with these kinds of drawn out stories, but still I hope you have something planned as a Big Bad, as that would be the neatly tied bow on this well written story. Can't wait for the sorting tho!
9/15 c5 Guest
I do enjoy fics where Lucius is truly a slytherin and not just bribe blackmail get angry at a 12year old and repeat. It’s refreshing and it’s not one where he is actually pure good but the public believes he isn’t. Thank you
9/10 c65 shadewolfedrt
Will you be returning to writing fanfiction? Would love to see this story finished.
9/9 c66 2TinkaPrime
Just re-read the story and still loving it can’t wait for more. Finally going to see Albus’ reaction.
9/4 c66 Sozin's Flame
I cant wait to read more!
8/30 c60 guest
Well, at last this is starting to ~move~. It's about time and well past time. ~Please~ don't draaaaaag out the rest of it as you did so many of the preceding chapters.
8/30 c40 guest
I so hope that you don't have Diana get fooled by relentless philanderer Black.
8/30 c39 guest
I hoped HP would end up with a snake! Now he has a friend living with him. He can also use his having had her for two years as a reason to be allowed to take her to Hogwarts.

Surveyors, eh? Goblins must be born Slytherin. I really like the fanon conventions about them.
8/29 c35 guest
Yes, indeedy, one can be both a lady and an Olympic athlete. Both Anne, Princess Royal, and her daughter Zara competed and won for Great Britain in Olympic and/or other world-class Three-Day Events.
8/29 c13 guest
Now that HP is getting adequate food at home, will Petunia get some money for that (provided he gets it)? A thousand G a month is ~way~ too much, especially with his buying his own clothes, supplies, furniture, etc.; but she should be reimbursed for food if for no other reason than to decrease her resentment.

Good that HP will sometimes be with friends roughly his own age since 'Duddykins' will still be scaring off kids at school. HP may meet others at the library, too.
8/30 c66 TennysonPoet
What a brilliant read
8/28 c9 guest
So Bones does have political sense as well, vide her statement. She may be on her own way to stand for Minister for Magic someday. More power to her! Your Fudge is far more able to listen to reason, too, though not substantially smarter. Maybe it's mostly in multiple crises that his IQ drops below room temperature (been known to happen to me).

Interesting developments with the Malfoys, especially those with Lucius and with the House-Elf transfers. Maybe Dobby will be less insane with Black as a master from now on. I await the discovery of Kreacher's secret.
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