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12/2 c67 Kai
Good. The ancient goat molester deserved that. He and others mention that he has enormous clout in magical Britain, so in too many fanfics he gets away with everything. Okay, he's not tried and sentenced, yet, but definitely out of Hogwarts, which is the most important step for Harry's and Hogwarts' future.

The story is slow paced, and in the first chapters I expected more of Harry's Hogwarts career to happen within so many chapters. But it's not boring or unnecessarily drawn out. Your spelling is great, not many authors don't make homophone errors. Well, there were a couple spelling errors, but remarkably few. Which makes it easy to read for a non-native speaker. And you tried and managed to find explanations for many of Rowling's plot holes. That's impressing! Overall a very good story!

Thank you for writing!
12/2 c62 Kai
Yeah, look how fast and easy this worked. Dumbledore took Hokey's memory in the late forties or early fifties, shortly after Smith was murdered and Riddle vanished. Why did he do that, especially for a case that was filed as solved? He must have known something. Getting random memories from random house elves is too arbitrary to do it all the time, and he had at least one full time job then.

And suddenly specialists for strange and little known magic know something and dedicate their time to solving the problem, as is their job. And lo and behold: it's done. After about a year or so. And it was Dumbledore's fault that they couldn't do it earlier, too.
12/1 c50 Kai
Yeah, of course does Dumbledore try to make Sirius out as some nutter not yet stable enough for polite company. Because just now a mind healer mastery fell from the sky and hit Dumbledore of all people. He who had received his divination mastery the exact same way...

I wonder why, after the teachers were alerted that Dudley is the bully instead of Harry, never a teacher was close enough to catch it. And I doubt that that spoilt brat could/would stop its bullying without some massive punishment. Harry surely would've heard it whinge that everyone is out to get it and it's all the freak's fault, while Petunia either made excuses like always, or finally understood that she didn't her brat a favour by spoiling it like that.
12/1 c49 Kai
And the story happens before induction cookers became widely available, AFAIK. The feature of just letting it run until the timer runs out is one of the best. I couldn't imagine cooking on a regular electric cooker anymore.

Sirius' explanation about typewriters was detailed enough. I hope Fudge sees the enormous potential for saving money by buying muggle stationary. He seems to be much more reasonable than canon Fudge. Of course, those purebloods with the monopoly on quills, parchment, and ink bottles will spit tacks, or at least piercing hexes or some other magical equivalent.

Hehe, no I wouldn't expect the Blacks to let some resentment like that fester. Instead of keeping a feud for centuries you can just end it as soon as possible. Another pureblood family wiped out? Pity, shouldn't have tried to get one over the Blacks, should they?
12/1 c48 Kai
I can't write. I tried it once and lost the impetus after to pages. Otherwise I would write it myself. But what I would like to see once is a story where the Umbitch forces through some really disgusting anti-werewolf laws, only to be infected right afterwards.
12/1 c45 Kai
And Dumbledore, being the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, MUST have known that his own educational efforts are laughable. And he obviously MUST have suppressed that knowledge from reaching anyone in a position to do something about it.

Hey, Traverton: There are enough of them that it takes nine years and longer until everyone who's interested had the opportunity to see it.
12/1 c44 Kai
It'd be a challenge to get Hogwarts to be a school for a change. The first step, however, is getting rid of The Obstacle. An ancient goat molester who can't imagine that any idea is even worth disapproving of unless it was HIS idea. And then disapproving is obviously nonsense. Because it WAS his idea everyone has to treat it like a Divine mandate. Or else!

Honestly, he tells Harry that he doesn't have a clue about divination and that he considers the subject worthless. And after that, still in the same breath, he tells Harry that after he heard a true prophecy he immediately knew what it meant. Which means that suddenly somehow a divination mastery fell from the sky and hit him. And he planned out life and death for dozens of people based upon his new-found divinity. Really? Really really? Can you spel ?
12/1 c42 Kai
Hm, wizarding space can't be too complicated. Admittedly, Hermione IS intelligent, and it probably uses runes and perhaps arithmancy, which she took, but she had her little beaded bag and it worked perfectly.

The bestest care? I can see them sitting on silk pillows and Dobby fanning the rats with a ostrich feather fan while feeding them peeled grapes... *lol*
12/1 c41 Kai
Valentine, isn't that the patron saint of chocolate manufacturers and florists? In my area he's absolutely unimportant. Perhaps because my village is a protestant pocket in a larger catholic area and protestants don't tend to celebrate catholic saints? And if you take that away only the commerce opportunity is left. Because of course you can't express your love for someone without digging deep in your pockets and anyway, it's alright to express your love on only that one day per year.

How do I do a raised-eyebrow emoticon?

Waitwaitwait! Didn't Dudley have a problem, shared with his father, with stupid Pakis befouling their precious British air? I guess as soon as food is involved a little racism becomes negligible, huh?
12/1 c40 Kai
I'm not sure why they don't take Harry right now. It just needs to be done publicly, especially emphasising that two thirds of his wards are inactive. Just get him to admit that he has ward monitors, which proves that he KNEW that his wards were mostly worthless. And if it's done publicly enough he doesn't achieve anything with his obliviations.

Aaargh, I so want to see the senile goat molester in Azkaban! His plans are still valid as far as he knows, and he doesn't deserve that.

So, Sirius and Diana? Can't say that I didn't see that coming quite a few chapters ago. I'm looking forward to see if there's a follow-up or it stays just a crush. She was an attractive woman after all.
12/1 c38 Kai
Yeah, and quiet is something a budgie can't manage. OTOH, you get used to the constant chirping after a time. Bad luck if the baby just fell asleep and they give an alarm call, those are louder and don't sound all the time, so getting used to that takes longer. I can't afford a pet right now, but I loved the little guys when I had a couple. I think fish are boring, but I admit that shouting with a mouthful of water is difficult.

Yes, Dudley, but snakes eat rats. Er, the other way around too, depending on which is bigger. But still...
12/2 c67 Kabb
Excellent story
11/30 c32 Kai
Disgusting old pervert. I wonder how often he goes watching people with his stolen invisibility cloak. Pretty young boys under the showers, for example. And that's just another thing. Obviously Dumbledore's academic curiosity is much more important than the lives of three people two of which trust him. He obviously knows what it is and that it's James' property, and knows that not even Riddle can find anyone hiding beneath it, so he had to take it away to see the small family murdered.

A present is a property transfer from one person to another person. That Dumbledore gives Harry the Cloak as a Christmas present means that he considered it his property. That's theft. Theft of a family heirloom of an old and important pureblood family. Dumbledore should get at least life in Azkaban for that, especially since his theft got the lord and lady of that family murdered.

And he didn't even give it back undamaged. Dumbledore, too, cannot see anyone beneath the True Cloak of Invisibility. So he must have messed about it with the Elder Wand and thus sabotaged the Cloak, because only that wand can be used. And suddenly both his spectacles and Moody's eye can see through it.

But for his many plans costing even many more lives he should be executed, he's much too dangerous and callous regarding other people's lives to let him live. "Sacrifices must be made". Yeah, then sacrifice yourself, senile faker. And not hundreds of innocents, especially children.

There are a couple people on staff at Hogwarts who I really hate. And Dumbledore is right up there with Hagrid, Snape, McGonagall, and Umbridge.
11/30 c27 Kai
Ouch, from the back of the hand? That's not one of the better places.

I've met a couple women when they (and I) were in the right age bracket showing off ultrasound pics of their offspring-to-be. Imagining Narcissa Malfoy of all people doing that... :-D
11/30 c26 Kai
Well, muggles manage to install their chemistry labs above ground without demolishing the walls and windows. And if the potion lab has powerful enough ventilation charms it's okay. If not... I don't get the feeling that Snape would even understand what that is, considering his absolute lack of safety equipment and safety lessons. Before our analytic chemistry practical course at uni started on a Monday, we had a several hours long lesson about lab safety on Friday and a one hour refresher on that Monday morning before lab time. (And still one student unpacked his lunch first of all and put it on the shelf with the bottles of common chemicals like HCl or H2SO4 and such. My, was that teacher pissed off...)

But I think most if not all potions accidents in Snape's class were caused by sabotage and deliberate inattention of the teacher. If he takes points from Harry for not preventing the accident it must've been possible to prevent, only he, the teacher, didn't. So, you could easily get a classroom above ground and just force the bastard teacher to finally do what he's paid for - teach.
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