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7/19 c38 ToddGilliss
Your story
Your sources
Colors make them different
We are not going to look up the "real" colors
7/18 c65 15Lady Blue Shadow
Thank you for writing this amazing story! I really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to read more!
7/17 c65 Daniel Goodrich
I know the story is nearing it's end but I am eager to see how the Hogwarts staff/students react to a metamorphmagus Harry Potter.
7/15 c65 Janjan
I was so excited when I saw you had updated this story. I'm super invested and can't wait to see what happens next!
7/16 c65 draconin
'Kay... we need a little ticking count-down box in the bottom corner of this fic, counting out the remaining time until Dumblemort gets his come-uppance! :-D Clearly a feature that ffnet is sadly missing.
7/16 c65 Melikalilly
I love this story
7/14 c42 Guest
You are so backwards and racist. Clearly you don't know a thing about Indians. I m an Indian and I find it offensive that you are either so prejudiced or judgmental or presumptive that you think all Indian girls have to or get married young! Most Indian girls especially those in cities and seeking an education don't think about marriage before graduation or Bachelor's and many continue aspiring careers before seeking marriage.
7/14 c23 Guest
Kindly verify before writing anything related to another culture. Especially related to names and religion. Surya is a male name and also the name of Sun God who is male.
7/15 c65 mab70
As happy to read more of your writing! Very glad you are safe and in a position to write!

Nice, touching scene between Harry & Petunia. I love the progression of change in her and Dudley!
Love the care & concern Di and Sirius showed for Harry. I think an adorable baby girl like Aurora, with Sirius wrapped around her fingers, would be lovely. Think of how cute Wills and the Harry’s would be with a baby sister!
I really hope Harry befriends Neville. Poor Nev really needs confident and caring friends!
I wonder what house Harry will get? Draco, too!
7/12 c65 Guest
Oh this chapter was just to funny. Looks like Albus's plans aren't going to go as planned. Severus being a genius had guessed something was wrong and had Lucius looks at his memories, and it looks like Lucius has given Severus some food for thought regarding his teaching methods. Poor Harry looks like he cant' get control of his hair color (being a Metamorph is going to be funny) at least until he can get it under control. Oh I'm sure Molly will have a few chose words to say to Albus regarding Harry Potter not being on the train (or so she thought) and Harry being friends with Draco (and I'm sure a few other Slytherin's. Can't wait to see what happens next during the sorting and where Harry ends up.
7/12 c65 Notanutjob
Jesus, seems you can't go two stories with seeing an evil Dumbledore conspiracy theorist nowadays. Do you also believe the Earth is flat and that vaccines cause autism?
7/11 c65 Guest
Lovely to see an update! Can't wait to see where Harry is sorted - Ravenclaw with Hermione would be spot-on - and can't wait to see how very vexing this Harry will be to "dear old" Albus! Love that Severus is seeing through Albus' mechanizations.
7/13 c65 MrTarwan
I read a very good story and I started reading yesterday. As I put this review, it is 1:42 CET
Google Translator help me to write this review
7/11 c65 J
I have really been enjoying this story so far, but please tell me you are not going to be making the Weasleys the bad guys? Misguided by Dumbledork and realise it thanks to Harry I can accept and even enjoy in a story if done well, but as bad people themselves? No, sorry. Please don't...
In the Books they were there for Harry when he needed a family without asking for anything in return and I can't stand seeing that relationship ruined in fics.
Do they have flaws? Yes, like real people do. I have issues with some of Molly and Ron's decisions in canon for example, but they did the right thing most of the time and thats what matters. Please don't make them be the enemy here, have someone talk them round, even if its one at a time.
7/11 c65 EP
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