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7/27/2014 c10 2SHODGRASS
i am thoroughly enjoying your story. Please keep posting.
7/27/2014 c3 Slytherin66
A nice chapter.

I am glad Harry was able to get some things that belonged to his parents as it tends to be a mystery as to what happened to their wands etc.

It was good that Sirius has been brought up the same with Snape. I

It's a rare treat for Harry to learn magic before Hogwart's.

Insight into how a memory charm works was good to include.

By stories end I hope the only think in Petunia's future is time in jail for what has been done to Harry the Dursley's can't get away with all they did to him.
7/26/2014 c10 1daithi4377
Now that Albus is aware that Sirius is out and found innocent I wonder just how far Sirius will be able to right the wrongs with Harry. Hopefully between theMalfoys and Stephen they will be able to work with Harry under Albus's radar. Time will tell..great chapter.
7/26/2014 c9 daithi4377
And lotof changes coming up. Wonder how Albus it going to try to manipulate Sirius into forgoing ant dealings with Harry...though by now it's a bit late lol.
7/25/2014 c8 daithi4377
So Lucius isn't as enamored of the dark Lord as thought but loves his family to much to trade them for his family. Interesting concept and I wonder if that will get useful in the future. Well everyone now knows that Harry is Sirius's heir so wonder how that will effect how the Malfoys treat both Harry and Sirius. Love this story...more please.
7/25/2014 c7 daithi4377
To bad Harry can't find a way to lock his bedroom when he isn't in it. If Dudley was allowed to break his bed once without repercussions what's to stop him doing more. It would also prevent any more presents lol. Supposedly Snape acts the way he does because of safety reasons in class but he only recommend the books needed to make his class easier and safer to slytherins...you can't have it both ways lol.
7/24/2014 c6 daithi4377
It's sad that it took eight years to finally gave a birthday to remember, he might of had one with his parents but generally won't have been able to remember it. I hope everything works out for Sirius as well though how they are going to get this through without interference from Dumbledore I'm not sure. More please!
7/24/2014 c5 daithi4377
What does Lucius expect to gain from this. I don't see Sirius changing the will so that Draco gains a great deal of Harry's inheritance or even the title. But if he can get the wizarding class put on the class lineup that would be great, though how he will get it by Dumbledore without suspicion I'm not sure.
7/24/2014 c4 daithi4377
To bad they can't use Andromeda for the family contact. Hopefully they can get Sirius out of there and set up as Harry's legal guardian.
7/24/2014 c3 daithi4377
I'm glad things are slowly working out for Harry.
7/24/2014 c2 daithi4377
Hopefully the trunk itself doesn't open to anyone but Harry rather than just the hidden compartments.
7/24/2014 c6 Crookshanks-corner
Manners almost always work, don't they ? ;-)
7/24/2014 c1 daithi4377
I wonder if they could remove Harry from that house. After all since no really us paying attention to him unless he is brought to their attention he could probably disappear into the royal community and not be found at least until he is eleven by which time he should be a force to reckon with. After all what death eaters would even realize what the Royal community us. Let alone how to reach someone in it lol.
7/21/2014 c1 Guest
very interesting
7/23/2014 c5 3BeyondRubies
I am really glad I found this story. You are showing an interesting storyline and I'm enjoying following my character development. I am eager for more.
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