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7/10/2015 c41 26tlyxor1
Enjoyed, looking forward to more. -t.
7/9/2015 c41 6constentien9000
more soon please
7/7/2015 c41 Wolfric
Fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
7/6/2015 c41 7Teufel1987
This is quite a lovely story!

There is one problem though …

has specific rules against using non-historical people. So that would mean that you can't have Princes Charles, William and Harry nor Princess Di as characters in your story…
7/5/2015 c41 4Dispatch Rider
Looks like Padfoot is in love. Looking forward to your next chapter. :)
7/5/2015 c41 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon..
7/3/2015 c40 Fantastic
Excellent story. Very slow but the way you wrote it made it seem to be not quite as slow as it was...if that makes sense (if you're confused it was a compliment). Can't wait for the next chapter and I hope to see some public dumbledore bashing soon. Thanks for putting this out there.
7/5/2015 c41 Amir-015
I'm sorry. But every time I read the part where Harry Potter shows Princess Diana how much she means to him I can't help but feel so...emotional.

It really looks like he's beginning to see her as a mother and she's beginning to see him as a son.
7/5/2015 c7 Nyla Norris Filch
I do like the story a lot, but I'm struggling to understand why Petunia is not made to provide proper food, and to replace the bed her son broke.

Also glasses for children in Britain are covered under their National Health, so Harry should be out no money for those (possibly the extra pairs and the sports glasses would be paid for, but not the exam and the original pair.)

Harry's stipend should not be for stuff that his guardians are supposed to pay for. The mere fact that the Crown is engaging in oversight, should have Petunia feeding him, particularly if it is made clear to her that her activities are being watched, which they are.

Whether or not Harry's stipend should pay for his extra glasses (not unreasonable) he should not be made to pay tuppence for required, non extra (candy and belike) food.

And the fact that no one watching has made it clear to Petunia that Dudley needs to stop stealing food and putting hands on Harry, is also an issue. Even if it was decided that Harry would immediately take his plate to his room (not proper, but at least he'd get to eat it,) changes could be made.

Don't get me wrong the premise is awesome, and I love it, I just find it problematic that Petunia is essentially getting away with still mistreating (lack of food, no control of Dudley) a Royal Ward.
7/5/2015 c41 Dutch Monkey
Thank you for the update. I like this story, I only would like longer chapters...
7/4/2015 c41 fraewyn
Can't wait for more!
7/4/2015 c41 shugokage
Cool chapter and nice scene!
7/4/2015 c41 1geetac
This is nice
7/4/2015 c41 1daithi4377
I'm surprised it took Dudley so long to try and kill the rats. Even though he threw them away he will go ballistic if he finds out that Harry rescued them. I wonder how much problem his relatives created for Suryas restaurant? I can see Lady Diana and Siriys getting together eventually. Lol at nine years old willingly dancing with girls...he is definitely a lot more mature than most boys his age.
7/4/2015 c41 123KSJF
Poor rats! How is Sirius going to react to two more pets for Harry? Lol. Cute Valentine's Day :)
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