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8/23 c66 reiwil10
Binge read the whole story in about 2 days. Hope you update it soon!
8/22 c66 angelsaffira
This was brilliant! I just got caught up to the latest chapter and I look forward to what happens next… It was great seeing Draco not becoming a prat and Ron being worse than Draco was in the canon… I don’t hate Ron but sometimes… *shrug*

Anywho… I hope the next update would be soon… please and thank you… XD
8/20 c66 1Millennia Lyra
Is harry going to be in Raven law?
8/15 c1 Guest
boring wall of texts and infodumps
8/16 c66 10RevDorothyL
Off to a wonderful start to their new school year, with Ron's, er, social and intellectual 'difficulties' already identified by the group. What a pleasant surprise for Dumbledore!
8/13 c66 noreenklose
Good one!
I've been referring to Ronald Weasley as moRon for years. He was NEVER anything but trouble for Harry. I'm glad that Harry is trying to make a wide circle of friends. I hope that Hermione and Harry get sorted into Ravenclaw. Failing that, I hope Harry goes to Slytherin with Draco.

Thanks for writing.
I'm enjoying your story.
8/12 c66 10hunterofartemis126
The story is excellent so far.

I really hope you update it soon.
8/1 c66 TuxedoMac
Oh your sooooo teasing us like this. Throw I loved the slap down you gave ron. It just makes things so short in wanting to see what happenes at school.

8/1 c10 Kilroy
When Dumbledore's actions are brought to light, hopefully at a trial, I hope that the goblins can forestall any possible claims from him that the thousand a month was going to Mrs. Figg in order for her to live in Little Whinging as his representative and assistant in protecting Harry.
8/2 c66 Difdi
As inept as Ron’s attempt was, it could have been worse. Unlike Harry, I can imagine several ways it could have gone worse, including a couple that cross into outright psycho territory.
8/2 c65 Difdi
While Molly speaking loudly about muggles might be somewhat suspicious, asking about the platform number isn’t actually suspicious at all.

There are a number of teaching games good parents play with their kids, and one of them is called The Answer Game. The parent asks a question, as if they’ve forgotten the answer, and the child answers it. The parent hasn’t actually forgotten basic knowledge, they’re testing the child’s knowledge in a way that encourages the child to form a long-term memory around the bit of information. Molly was making sure Ginny knew where the platform was, so she wouldn’t be lost if she ever went there without Molly.
8/2 c66 DarkFrost24
why do fanfic writers treat Ron like this? It's nothing like his canon appearance. In canon he's initially pretty shy and doesn't insult anyone, even Malfoy who is the one who actually barges in and starts throwing around insults.

At least Malfoy being different is explained by his changed upbringing... Ron's doesn't make sense. this just feels like a lazy way to ensure they wont be friends for no reason...
8/1 c66 witchsbroom
Oh looks like poor Albus has been hood winked by Harry and company. I'm sure Severus kind of knows what's happening (as he's Draco's godfather) I'm sure Molly had a few choose words for Albus having her look for Harry (and he's not even on the train) or so she thought. Looks like Harry have made some very good friends (and looks like from all the houses) I'm sure Ron isn't going to be to happy when Harry just tells him to get lost (that he already has best friends) and will decide who he wants to be friends with. Can't wait to see what happens at the sorting
7/29 c66 Guest
Still loving this story.
I feel spoiled, two updates so close together!
Can't wait for the next!
7/30 c66 fraewyn
Love it!
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