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8/2 c66 DarkFrost24
why do fanfic writers treat Ron like this? It's nothing like his canon appearance. In canon he's initially pretty shy and doesn't insult anyone, even Malfoy who is the one who actually barges in and starts throwing around insults.

At least Malfoy being different is explained by his changed upbringing... Ron's doesn't make sense. this just feels like a lazy way to ensure they wont be friends for no reason...
8/1 c66 witchsbroom
Oh looks like poor Albus has been hood winked by Harry and company. I'm sure Severus kind of knows what's happening (as he's Draco's godfather) I'm sure Molly had a few choose words for Albus having her look for Harry (and he's not even on the train) or so she thought. Looks like Harry have made some very good friends (and looks like from all the houses) I'm sure Ron isn't going to be to happy when Harry just tells him to get lost (that he already has best friends) and will decide who he wants to be friends with. Can't wait to see what happens at the sorting
7/29 c66 Guest
Still loving this story.
I feel spoiled, two updates so close together!
Can't wait for the next!
7/30 c66 fraewyn
Love it!
7/29 c66 JWOHPfan
LOL I love how they handled Ronald, simply brilliant!
7/29 c66 missgsmith51
Well, that was an interesting trip! MoRon acted about the way he usually acts. I think his bigoted attitudes are not going to fly with the diverse group of kids around Harry, who is already suspicious of the Headmaster. I'm sure Remus, Sirius, and Stephen will clue him in on the Patronus they heard Molly send off. Ron is already in the hole. If he wants to befriend HP, he is going to have to shape up and doma major attitude adjustment.

I am VERY eager for the sorting! I eagerly await your next installment.
7/29 c65 missgsmith51
"She didn't think there were any metamorphs outside the Black family anymore, though. Perhaps this lad was an illegitimate child of Sirius Black? And where in Merlin's name was Harry Potter?" Why would Molly automatically ASSume a child of Sirius's was illegitimate? Rather uncharitable of her.

I REALLY can't wait to see how Dumbledore looks and acts when he sees Harry. And wait until he realizes Sirius now has custody! I guess he is in for a lot of surprises, the old goat! Baaaaaa! Does he know yet about Snape's no-longer-existent Dark Mark? Wait until he DOESN'T see Harry's scar! As I say ... LOTS of surprises coming his way!
7/29 c66 12Esmereilda
and ron just alienated himself from harry
7/29 c64 missgsmith51
Oh, Dumbledore ... I'm glad Snape isn't giving away anything. He definitely has your number, even if he isn't quite sure what you want. It does seem Albus is encouraging negativity toward Harry. I confess, I consider Dumbledore the fomenter of interhouse discord at Hogwarts.

So ... Slytherin for Harry? He seems to be completely open to any house. I'd love to see him in any house except Gryffindor. I think the Heads of the other three houses are more in touch with their students than Minerva in most fics. She has so many positions that she doesn't really have time to spend IN her house's common room with the kids. I also think all 3 houses are more academically oriented than the Gryffs. Ron in Harry's year is a bad influence on them all, IMO.

Speaking of Minerva ... did she even recognize Harry? She didn't seem to, now that I think of it. With no scar, no bird's nest hair, and friends with Draco, perhaps she didn't recognize him. I can't wait till the Weasley meeting. That should prove fascinating.

Snape seemed rather surprised - and not at all repulsed - by Harry. I would not mind seeing Harry look to Snape as a mentor. Normally, I don't look for that relationship in fics, but with Snape's Mark gone, I think it might positively affect his disposition. Also, the friendship between Draco and Harry has potential to positively affect the school, IMHO.
7/29 c63 missgsmith51
Well, McGonagall saw Harry with Stephen and Draco. How fast will she report to Dumbledore?

I think it's good that the kids had an opportunity to meet. It will be interesting to see where Hermione ends up. Harry has given her a couple of strong hints about Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I wonder if she really listened.

I hope Dean gets his chance to play "footy."
7/29 c61 missgsmith51
I wonder how upset Dumbles will be to find out how many lives have been made better simply by the Queen noticing Harry and bringing Stephen into his life. Think about ...

Sirius out of prison and married to Diana.
The Malfoys changing for the better and even having a new baby!
Draco changed beyond belief and friends with Harry. (DD will hate that one!)
Petunia changed very much for the better.
Dudley changed in both behavior and his weight and health.
The Horcruxes nearly all collected and destroyed (of course, DD doesn't know, right?)
The new class at Hogwarts for Muggleborns.
Remus writing the Muggle Studies book.

Those are just a few. I wonder how Mr. Greater Good will deal with it all!
7/29 c60 missgsmith51
Dumbledore comes off as woefully ignorant of current Muggle culture, considering he (incorrectly, of course) presents himself as the Champion of Muggles. If he doesn't start updating himself on the capabilities of the nonmagical world, he may well bring it down upon his head. I would dearly love to see him get a good reaming by the Queen herself!

I wonder if we could get the Queen to lower the boom on Umbridge ... and perhaps Fudge. Those two are surely major problems where the Statute of Secrecy are concerned.

Lucius seems surprised that Dumbledore has sticky fingers. I'm sure there are a great many surprises coming.
7/29 c59 missgsmith51
That was certainly quick! Well, I'm not one for big, fancy weddings that cost a billion dollars, so it certainly suits me. At least, all three kids get along with the new "steps" in their lives.

Dudley seems to be slightly more human than before. I wonder how he and Petunia will do when Marge the Barge starts in on one of her anti-Harry rants. Will they speak up or say nothing? Just curious.

I can't wait to see how the Parselmouth business shakes out.
7/29 c58 missgsmith51
We'll, that should make for some rather lively Christmas conversation! It was definitely a fast-moving courtship. Somehow, I have a tough time imagining the Marauder as part - even peripherally - of the Royal Family. I have no problem imagining him bounding through the palace as Padfoot, wreaking havoc with all and sundry. Fortunately, I think, that could never happen, due to the Statute of Secrecy.

The big question: While the Queen approves of Sirius as an escort for Diana, will she approve of him as a step-father to the Princes?
7/29 c66 5Margaret Luna Sullivan
Wow…as usual. That was a fun chapter
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