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for A Mortal Kombat Wedding

5/30/2020 c1 Sharell
Crazy, but I loved it. I thought it funny. More! More! Bravo!
4/22/2018 c1 f6trd5es4wa3qw4sedy7hu8j9ik9ju
SubScorp YES. LOL Poor Noob, though. XD This was a very sweet and funny story. I simply adore it!
9/4/2016 c1 Sierra Leanne
Are you joking?! That's a really awesome story. I didn't know that sub zero and scorpion are the ones that are in love with each other!
6/10/2015 c1 2Infinitii L'Sedria
Omg noob was hilarious! XD I love this story!
8/24/2014 c1 CathyOOC
OMG this is too funny!
8/4/2014 c1 IronBat
Aww, that was so cute and hilarious! Noob and Scorpion made me laugh, and Hanzo and Kuai's honey-moon was adorably-romantic...
7/22/2014 c1 XXXDUCKIE
It's adorable and whyyy
7/22/2014 c1 5IFF-Abandoned
This was absolutely adorable! I wish I could write something as cute as this.

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