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for Imperfect Secrets: Dawn of Fire and Wind

7/23/2019 c6 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
i loved it! more please?! and what did she say at the end there?! awesome story keep up the good work!
9/30/2018 c2 6Astrid Claire
Nii- actually means "older brother" and Nee- is for "older sister" :)
3/21/2016 c5 kira shadow wolf
next chapter?
10/28/2015 c5 4DEADPrincess-01
I fangirled over what I was reading in the fanfic... ANF WHY THE CLIFF HANGER, overall this was a very well put together chapter and well thought out with the perfect balance of humor and seriousness.
8/12/2015 c4 Aluriea
Interesting concept with the panther nin-kin looking forward to what happens next keep up the good work... Whoooo cookies!
2/10/2015 c3 17princesshyuuga01
Wow this is actually really interesting. I like the way you write and how well your dialogue flows. I have never quite read anything like this so it was refreshing :D I absolutely love how this was written. I can not get over it. Everything is smooth, the plot was clearly constructed I can tell a lot of thought went into the process. Nothing seemed random at all.

I have a bad habit of just having a basic idea and them hope my imagination can build on it. It works against me some times xD I can see you went through your details and ideas with a fine teeth comb.

I am really looking forward to reading your other works. They will be well scripted, superbly written and thoroughly entertaining :D
2/7/2015 c3 1Nakamoto Taree
I hope you update soon! This seems like a really cool story and has lots of potential!
7/22/2014 c1 4DEADPrincess-01
Thanks for the shout out Nii-san!

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