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for Ship Day 2014 Drabbles

8/18/2015 c10 3Apples26
First time reading these and I am in love with them .
8/6/2014 c10 vcm
Cute. Nice summary of their lives as they slowly came together.
8/6/2014 c10 mmkbrook
What I like most, a very happy ending.
8/6/2014 c9 mmkbrook
8/6/2014 c8 mmkbrook
Hated that moment. But if truth be told, if you waited two weeks to accept an engagement ring, wouldn't that give a person with a scientific mind set, pause to realize that the ring offerer wasn't for you.
8/6/2014 c7 mmkbrook
Imagery is fantastic. A drabble that is a tome.
8/6/2014 c6 mmkbrook
I can see this conversation, and I never believed Thor was naive enough not to know Jack and Sam would, if they didn't have those darn frat regs in the way.
8/6/2014 c5 mmkbrook
I guess relieving an itch on Sam's foot could be considered foreplay.
8/6/2014 c4 mmkbrook
Looks like breakfast is the most important meal of the day no matter where you are.
8/6/2014 c3 mmkbrook
Very well put. A burgeoning realization of their feelings.
8/6/2014 c2 mmkbrook
The real reason Sam wants to rescue Jack from Edora is not on her list.
8/6/2014 c1 mmkbrook
Why is it I don't think does anything by chance.
8/6/2014 c9 21ShoeQueen
Naughty! I like it. I can imagine it's totally true of Jack. Sigh.
8/6/2014 c8 ShoeQueen
Stop! No! Poor Jack.
8/6/2014 c5 ShoeQueen
Hahahaha! Poor Jack!
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