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4/14/2019 c1 53AquaEclipse
Oh hello, someone else doing CHINESE Province-tans? Hell yes! If only Canada were (no offense) so overrated as to hog all the Province searches.
7/1/2015 c4 10hetaliamongul123
Thank you, thank you SO much for all thoe lovely reviews on my stories.

And keep up the wonderful work~

4/25/2015 c3 Anon
Great plot! And i love the schwa
9/17/2014 c3 hetaliamongul123
Beautiful. Lovely, beautiful, AMAZING crack :D

8/1/2014 c2 China
Hello? Is anybody there? NOBODY? Okay, then. That works too, as long as you're still listeni- er, reading. :D And yes, the puns shall continue until they get old(er than China) or until SOMEBODY protests.

Love the references to that "certain Western nation far away" about his poisonous "food" and complete disregard for any magic besides his own. Oh, that drug-dealing imbecile. (Apologies for the bashing, Iggy, but China couldn't turn down such a glorious opportunity to remind you of your opium-related jerkface actions.)

All of the provinces are very entertaining, with the amusing properties of Shanghai and Hunan especially brought out. :) Sichuan-the-happy-panda-lover of this chapter is quite a change from the destruction-enjoying-figure of last chapter. I quite like both aspects of her personality shown so far. PANDAS, ARU!

Interesting way to build an empire, Mother Egypt... Mass production, hmm? Remind you of any growing economic powerhouses in recent times? *hint hint nudge nudge cough cough*

Ha, fire consumes yet another innocent object! Like Sichuan's paper in the previous chapter! Will fire be a recurring end theme in this work, then? XD

A suggestion for your upcoming chapters (since you will be posting some, riiiiiight?): maybe introduce your characters a little bit more slowly so that the readers have some more time to make the distinctions between characters? Chinese province names seem awfully similar to a lot of non-Chinese (and probably also some Chinese) people, for example Hainan and Hunan. Or maybe give each character some recurring, memorable properties? Shanghai's pop-culture-savviness is pretty distinctive, and if you make sure you bring out that trait in subsequent chapters, there'll be a greater distinction between him and the others. Perhaps you could have one province (or even a group of provinces) love pandas significantly more than the others, and another be a total foodie obsessed with the minute details of each province's cuisine. Ultimately it's up to you to decide how to characterize your story, but I'd just feel that making greater distinction between characters would improve the clarity of your story by a bit. :)

China is a young, hip, and cool kung fu master! Of course he could summon enough energy to review! It was a bit late, admittedly, but, hey, when you're over 4000 years old, you can operate on your own standard time, too. If that standard time is different from the rest of the world's, then too bad for them. They are not young, hip, and cool kung fu masters and thus are not capable of understanding China's standard time. China now bids thee farewell, NLNC NOBODY News, and sends kudos to Nowhereland's slave-citizen-people and their muse!
7/22/2014 c1 China
Finally, somebody (or should I say NOBODY? :D) has written a fanfic about the Chinese provinces! With the great amount of American Statalia fics or Canadian Provincetalia fics on FanFiction nowadays, China and the other nations with diverse and fun-to-stereotype provinces are sadly underrepresented. Your fic seems interesting so far, and it has proper grammar and the beginnings of characterization in the first oneshot. I would suggest that as you go on and add more province OCs, you explain their stereotypes and the reason they're characterized the way they are in your author's notes. For example, if you add Shanghai and have him/her love the nightlife (or something of the sort), you could explain how Shanghai has many nightclubs so that the non-Chinese-culture-learned readers would understand. Overall, this is looking to be a refreshing variation that deviates from the mainstream Statalia works out there. Keep spreading the Chinese spirit to the Beautiful World! I hope that Nowhereland's muse will be encouraged to make timely and consistent visits by reviewers' reviews. :)

This message was made in/by China. He says to always love pandas and always respect your elders, aru!

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