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for Beneath the Red Moon

7/25/2014 c3 Guest
You said the story would focus on naruto and ura, but all we've had in these past 2 chapters is Tsukune and omote -.-
7/25/2014 c3 Mr.Heller
Vampire/Werewolf hybrid is a good idea, like that guy from the Underwold movies, pretty badass)
7/25/2014 c3 3Markus-Antonius
Eh not much happened but it's better the forcing anything
7/25/2014 c3 Waffle192
alright cant await for werewolf on werewolf vilionce
7/25/2014 c3 Reading Sage
I really like the story but my suggestion is that Naruto characters can have miniscule roles or just as comic relief. They could be use as cannon fodder like lee as a troll or cyclops that randomly challenges Naruto so he has people to fight and not need to save or help moka's group in every fight and when he isn't around them he has something to do. Or the ninja world could exist and interact with them when they visit the human world but play no significant role.

Either way the story will still be good.
7/25/2014 c3 Please read this
Since ura is a high born vampire naruto should be an alpha werewolf having more speed and strength then a normal one and gaining a regeneration factor
7/25/2014 c3 22Draagon537
good chapter and story also as a request if you are going to write about their pasts don't go overboard because I have seen lots of good stories turn real bad
7/25/2014 c3 ACE
Is Son of Beezlebub being put on hiatus? You have all these interesting stories that I honestly enjoy but you are starting to be similar to NeonZangetsu if you just keeping making new ones.
7/25/2014 c3 MajinKyuubi9
You know while I like this story I kind of liked how ura was in EYID, she seemed a little tsundere and I thought it was kind of funny and cute seeing her start to accept her possible feelings for naruto.
7/25/2014 c3 Guest
I think that ur way is good naruto should not be too involved until gin comes up... Naruto would make a badass entrance to save ura while the moon boosted gin
7/25/2014 c3 Batoldmor
I don't care if you make him a Vampire Werewolf, but please don't give him that stupid reliance on the moon or make it so that if even a cloud passing by be able to make the moon's powers void on him.
7/25/2014 c3 2UzumakiBattleWolf
Please don't make Naruto a hybrid. What gives this story a unique charm is that Naruto is a werewolf and not a vampire. If you made him a hybrid the most simplest term I can think of is 'your cheating'. It is true that it would be completely badass but it would make this fall in the "Naruto is a vampire" category. And while I was typing this review that if the two(Naruto and Ura) fight along side each other they can make a good team. Naruto can keep the enemy busy until Ura can get up without being noticed and hit them with a strong attack. There are at least some things that can be done right? Anyways as I usually say do whatever you wish with your story and I have no say in what you do.
7/25/2014 c3 Guest
Great chapter, update soon.
7/25/2014 c3 ano
Well i think if Naruto is a Werewolf and Sasuke is His Rival than he should be a Vampire because of the Rival status those races have. This would also be a good because Uchiha Being Vampire and the Senju and Uzumaki's the Werewolf's.

Should Naruto get the blood of Ura would be cool. It would be like Madara and Hagoromo without the Overpower part in it. I would like that.
7/25/2014 c3 1DCMatriXHunter
the werewolf/vampire hybrid is an interesting idea. It could either be awesome or a total bust. But no risk, no reward so I say go for it.

Plus I can't wait for Naruto's fight debut. It should be good.
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