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for Beneath the Red Moon

7/24/2014 c2 8ImpliedParanoia
Nicely done. At this rate i believe this may become one of my favorite stories in this category.
7/24/2014 c2 13killercroc
Monstrel would make sense. Just be adding fuel to the whole, "I'm better than you even though I'm not really better than you" thing he always does.
7/24/2014 c2 1Dage
Nice chapter an those choices for sasuke monster form but I'd vote for incubus for the comedy aspect plus the illusions would be a nice touch
7/24/2014 c2 Jose19
This story is turning out really well but my opinion on Sasuke would be the Monstrel form because how much I hate them but I despise Sasuke more than any character because to me he is a jerk like Madara and don't even get me started with Sakura. I don't think that the Phoenix will be a good form for him because it would make him stronger than Naruto and Ura because Phoenixes grow stronger as they older and when they are fully grown they are about the same strength as Shinso, and I don't want to deal with a overpowered Sasuke in this story.

You also to remember that there is another werewolf in this story called Gin, and he has thing for Moka as well.
7/24/2014 c2 Pain4ever
Although I would have prefered only one moka, this chapter made the idea of two interesting!
I look forward for the next chapter!
7/24/2014 c2 3Markus-Antonius
Definitely make Sasuke an incubus lol. He could be like his road to ninja version lol
7/24/2014 c2 2Koda.Nine
Phoenix would be the best option, because of his personality.
7/24/2014 c2 1Rain-XIX
pretty good chapter
liked the interactions the most
although hope to see naruto fight soon
lastly will naruto use rasengan or attacks like grimmjaw from bleach
like the claw like cero waves?
7/24/2014 c2 Batoldmor
I'm surprised that you made Ura as nice as you did, since most people seem to make her a huge bitch in these kind of stories. I agree with you on the whole Vampire and Werewolf are archenemies thing. There are so many things where they are friendly to each other, or at least they work together. Take the movie Underworld for example. The Werewolves used to protect the Vampires until something happened so that they started fighting each other. I prefer when stuff where Werewolves and Vampires are close, have an alliance, and/or one of the groups protect the other.

For Sasuke, I say a lightning Phoenix (I hate it when people put things like Dragons and Phoenixes to only a single element), and if you need a reason as to why he would be lightning, just say that it's a more powerful version of the Phoenixes like Shinso Vampires. Also, nice chapter and can't wait for more.
7/24/2014 c2 225 Baam
Very, very good, continue soon please and for sasuke i think incubus is a good idea.
7/24/2014 c2 Link0011
I would like him to be a monstrel
7/24/2014 c2 2AzureNight1994
i would say go for the Monstrel because i just hate Sasuke but if i was being fair i would say a phoenix because i can't see Sasuke starting from the bottom and working his way up without hand me outs
7/24/2014 c2 nad destroyer
Eh next time you put up a poll let us know if its only going to last a day like that. I'm lucky I voted even though I lost. Regarding your new poll I really don't want to read about duckbutt. I'm tired of him in canon and in fanfic stories. Your ideas for his monster forms are all really good though.

This chapter is a bit too short but its okay otherwise.
7/24/2014 c2 9christian.a.lebron1
This was a pretty good chapter the meeting between ura and naruto was well done and it's good to see that there will be development between then instead of instant friendship.
As for sasuke i personally can live with out him in the story but if you are planing to put him in I'd suggest making him a Raiju mostly cause the chidori is like sauskes signature move in my opinion

So all in all wicked story keep up the awesome work
7/24/2014 c1 1brickster409
Looks like a great story, im really interested to see how it goes on. I think you should have both Mokas as twins as very little people do that. Make the outer Moka the soft sweet one but have no will to fight that she alwas needs the inner one to protect her, and make the inner one the strong cold one but having no idea how to make friends and interact with people other then her sisters. That my idea but what ever you do I can't wait to see how it goes
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