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for Beneath the Red Moon

7/28/2014 c4 FateBurn
good story so far.
7/28/2014 c3 FateBurn
interesting way to see those four interact in a more realistic way given their personalities so far.
7/28/2014 c2 FateBurn
good chapter
7/28/2014 c1 FateBurn
Good start.
7/28/2014 c4 2UzumakiBattleWolf
If they don't join the newspaper club could you have at least let Naruto meet Gin?
7/28/2014 c4 Livelikeme123
They should join thier own club and maybe naruto can form a pack :D with the newspaper club president, Obvious who the alpha is
7/28/2014 c4 Anom
Naruto is a Proust S class monster who has just got tricked and brainwashed by a B class monster and he decides to do nothing? There is no way that insult and attack on his person would simply be forgiven. In manga inner was going to kill Kurumu for messing with Tsukune and Naruto who should have similar pride and a greater reason to be upset will do nothing? Plot convenience and a distraction for Ura is important but if you use something you have to go though with its consequences.
7/28/2014 c4 Link0011
I'd rather ura and naruto join a different club
7/28/2014 c4 1Rain-XIX
great chapter and fight even though the fight was short
but seems kinda lame that naruto didnt get pissed at being used and controlled by kurumu
not to mention he fought ura without his own will
i doubt neither canon or werewolf naruto would have let kurumu off easy
and this seems like it's still more focused on omote and bitch tsukune
but hope to see some more fights and narutoXura soon
7/28/2014 c4 3a.marsh55
While not that exciting of a chapter in my opinion it was still a nice read. For the club idea I would say if you did the different club Idea you go give naruto and ura their own story like taking the naruto story line and making it their adventure. If you do the same club idea then have then do like what's happening in the monster community in general rather then just the school and at time they work with the others in canon events.
7/28/2014 c4 Guest
Well on this part i would have thought it would be a Kurumu x Naruto x Uranbecause of the kiss and such.
7/28/2014 c4 3Markus-Antonius
Well omote still has her rival. Will ura get one too? Maybe mizore?
7/28/2014 c4 Viscount
What's the point of Naruto and Ura being in this story in the first place? Like is anything ever gonna change from canon or am I going to end up reading a rehash of the manga/anime with Naruto and Ura as side characters with main character roles?

Look, Naruto and Ura have their fights scenes and their own role in the story but so far it seems that whatever they do In the story is insignificant and doesn't impact the outcome. Like what is the point of reading their scenes thinking 'with these two new characters I'm sure things are gonna end up differently' but nope I was wrong and it ended exactly the same as canon but with a few extra scenes and a different point of view.

It might not seem as a big complaint at the moment considering your story is still quite young and pretty new but that is what I think. I hope that a couple events and outcomes change with Naruto and Ura's presence in the future and I don't end up reading a rehash of canon with barely no change to the overall story, there are far too many stories like that already.

Anyways aside from the previously mentioned points I do enjoy reading this story therefore wish you good luck in the future and I will wait for the next chapter dood!
7/28/2014 c2 boredrandom
while I like the story so far I definitely don't like the names ura and omote.
7/28/2014 c4 Jose19
I want to see if he is a Hybrid or not because as a Pure werewolf he won't beat Moka in a battle nothing personal but Vampires are freaking monsters in the battlefield, and they turn their Youki into huge energy boosts when they get into battle, and out of all the races of Monsters they love battle more than anybody else because violence and bloodshed is what they want.

The nature of Vampires is to be like this and Shinso are even beyond this because this is the highest Class that Vampires can become but the problem is Naruto powerful enough for the trials to come because as he is there is no chance of beating the sisters of Moka especially Akua who is the strongest among them because she was trained by Touhou who is a Dark Lord, and she learned one of his deadly skills that can kill anything it hits when she cuts you, and Kahlua is also very powerful as well.

I also want to see also when you include Kokoa in the story don't forget about her because she is a big deal to Moka both in this story, and also in "Embracing your Inner Demon" she actually beats Kahlua because she has potential to become very strong remember there is no such thing as weak Vampires but Werewolves in the story were made to look bad in the original story because true that they are "S" ranked monsters but Vampires rule.
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