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12/28/2014 c11 Guest
Not a bad crossover story.

The Crimson Mage.
P.S: Hope you have a Happy New Year !
8/3/2014 c4 14a sorceress girl
this is pretty interesting so far! it's been awhile since i've read harry potter or watched any of the movies and i honestly haven't read much-if any-black jack but i enjoyed this story none the less. it's written fairly well, though there are some parts where you use the wrong word (manor instead of manner, manor is a large house hahaha). i was able to get engrossed in the story and the word, and i like the idea that the doctor is actually magical.

i hope to see more!
7/31/2014 c4 4tgeuyhwr54r23
I thought his ancestors went to Mahotokoro in this one. :D
Guess I got it right. Can't wait for the next.
7/30/2014 c3 4tgeuyhwr54r23
Oh, Pinoko - you silly. "I'M THE WIFE, NOT THE DAUGHTER!"
So typical of her to say that. :D

I wonder if Black Jack's ancestors would be Japanese magical people in this story. After all, J.K. Rowling did in fact mention a magical school in Japan at some point. It's called Mahoutokoro. I found information on it on the Harry Potter wiki. Maybe someone bearing the surname Hazama attended Mahoutokoro before? Maybe. Guess I have to wait and see. :D
7/28/2014 c2 4tgeuyhwr54r23
Goodness, I've never imagine that Slughorn would be related to Slytherin. That would make him related to Tom Riddle as well. O_O
But I think I read in the books that all purebloods are related to each other, so I guess that's not much of a surprise.
Is Black Jack supposed to have magical ancestry in this version, since Muggles can't just walk into the school like that? Pretty good idea, explains why he can cure about every disease there is; he either is a genius or has miraculous powers. :D
7/28/2014 c1 4tgeuyhwr54r23
Pretty interesting start! However, I'm pretty sure that Salazar Slytherin has no other living descendants apart from Voldemort...I laughed at that part when Goyle starting "crying tears of fear". Hard to imagine such a big and unsensitive idiot cry. Very funny - good one. Good luck on your next Chapter!
7/24/2014 c1 154 is for Clover
I am SOOOO happy to see a Black Jack crossover! There are way too few of them.

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