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9/18/2018 c26 Cocky McDickshit
Fuck Tyler. He was shit.
10/28/2016 c26 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
Other than a few grammar and spelling errors here and there, this story is absolutely fantastic! One thing I do want to mention is that I personally would've love to see some things that happened after the X-Keepers defeated Xehanort. Kind of like those little cutscenes you see in the end credits of a Kingdom Hearts game. Other than that, you did an incredible job with this story! Can't wait to read more of your work.

Final Verdict: 9.5/10.
10/28/2016 c21 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
Like other chapters in this story, I could read this one over and over again. I just thought Dean had Sora's heart. Not once did it cross my mind that he's the incarnation of Sora! Well done.
10/27/2016 c18 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
I must say. These fight scenes are getting more and more intense as the story progresses.
10/27/2016 c16 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
This was an astounding moment for Cynical! Not only did he get his Keyblade (which I'm curious as to what it looks like), he got the spotlight he deserved.
10/27/2016 c15 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
I honestly thought Cynical was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise, but his son!? That took me by surprise.
10/27/2016 c14 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
Never saw "Treasure Planet," so I can't say much about this. Except that it was pretty damn cool. The fact that you said Itazura's voice is like that of Ratchet just made me giggle. Five bonus points for that. Also, I think it was nice that you implemented Keyblade transformations. Good job.
10/27/2016 c12 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
You turned Volt into an even more badass character than he already was! Ten out of ten!
10/26/2016 c10 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
It really is like a Kingdom Hearts plot: darkness and questions. In all seriousness, this was pretty awesome.
10/26/2016 c8 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
This is a great example of how to do a backstory. It doesn't reveal a lot, but it reveals just enough. You get an "A" for that.
10/26/2016 c6 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
Reading these first six chapters, I'm slowly drawing an anime in my head of this. It has potential!
10/26/2016 c5 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
You sure know how to make suspense there.
10/26/2016 c3 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
I always thought Sky was cool, but turning him into the Avatar just made him a badass!
10/26/2016 c1 TheDarkAngelOfChaos
Interesting setup for the story. Especially on HMK's part.
12/9/2015 c3 Lockie
Wow, that was a really great chapter. I can't wait to read more... Right now! :)
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