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for Evil, thy name is child

8/20 c12 Roostertheking
Very different and very evily... Fiction?
4/13 c12 derl
wow. thats kinda scary tbh. good though!
9/22/2019 c12 dmalfoy1973
Very good
9/22/2019 c12 dmalfoy1973
Very good
12/16/2018 c12 DarkAphrodite
thank you for this amazing story.
9/23/2018 c9 Chara L Phantom-Cipher
hahahahha Harry was so salty about someone cutting him in the line at a water routine thats great
8/25/2018 c6 A reader
emmmmmmm... didn't harry squash the piece of Voldemort's soul? So that should mean that there is no scar...
8/25/2018 c4 A Reader
Vernon ALIEN Dursley?!
8/25/2018 c1 A reader
One of my favorite stories ever!
2/10/2018 c12 6Bianca di' Angelo1
Lovely as it is deadly
1/23/2018 c12 1Miranda Flamel
Holy shit
Holy shit
Holy. Shit.
Wow; this was absolutely AMAZING!
I've never encountered this plotline before either
All I can say is WOW
*mutters in an astounded tone about how good this fic was*
4/15/2017 c12 emyrsonh
strangely beautiful
3/7/2017 c12 1Valleria
Jesus Christ, I loved it! This story is simply amazing, just wow! Please excuse my ramblings, but this was too good for words :3 I loved everything; the origins of Harry, the manipulations of the people around him, his mercilessness (I mean really now, he broke a boy's legs because he cut the line xD) and I also quite enjoyed the writing style, although the switching POVs initially confused me. Thank you very much for sharing this piece of insane evilness with all of us :333 <3
6/25/2016 c1 Guest
5/15/2016 c12 2KazaHaru45
Such a morbid story! I love it though.
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