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for Sith'ari

7/17 c18 2writegood
Sad. This was pretty good even though it had its flaws. I'm glad I found it because I've been long depressed about lack of updates for the Out of the Unknown story, so I'm glad I found something that was inspired by it.
1/5 c18 Sly-carrots
Man this story was sorta boring in the beginning but then in chapter 10ish it got pretty epic.
So thanks for the awesome story.
12/19/2019 c9 beardedaliengamer
Tyranids? cause it's either tyranids or zerg.
10/9/2019 c18 1Kelvrin
And another awesome fic bites the dust. :(
6/3/2019 c2 6Primus2021
Oh, that poor, poor, Sith Lady, She's not going to just be his Master in the Sith Arts, she's going to have to basically become his mother and teach him EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GALAXY! lol.

From governments to politics, history - as much as she knows it - economics, reading, writing, arithmetic, Droids, Aliens, spaceships, Planets, sectors, the galaxy as a whole, lol.
5/21/2019 c2 Jose19
I don’t know whether to cheer him or desiring his destruction because the Sith are scumbags without remorse.
3/6/2019 c18 Vyctus
damn it really sucks that this fic is Dead. it was pretty good too. well let me know if you come up with another Naruto/x-over fic
2/16/2019 c9 Guest
So lil Remarks, u forgot to mention Minatos Relationship with Jiraiya in his Profile, and 1 Being was capable of laying waste to wholte Planets, Darth Nihilus from the 3 Sith(Tandrem)with Treya and Sion from the KOTOR Series, in same Series we saw a Weapon which could destroy whole Planets...
2/16/2019 c6 Guest
Oh ok makes Sense since you released it in 14 before the Zakuul Stuff, would need to add Wife and Kids to Relationships and so on...
1/17/2019 c1 GodFact
1/7/2019 c18 1yindragonkiba
I freaking love the story as it was seemed like you had a lot more possibilities,
1/1/2019 c18 Rouge Dynasty
You know I thought you did pretty good for what you said was pretty flawed and tbh I liked the second half better but you are the author not me so best of luck to you
9/26/2018 c13 void
Dam this wwas a dam good story I am sad to see that u gave up on it I hope that sometime in a future someone else can finish it.
9/19/2018 c18 reptoholic
FUCKKKKKKKKKK! I hope in the future you decide to continue this story, but take it where he is more independent and has a leader role. M rating
9/19/2018 c17 reptoholic
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