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6/22/2015 c21 jae
This story was great and do to this story I have added Kite to my stories (I do weird things about me meeting my favorite video game characters and talking to them and helping them).
3/26/2015 c21 xP
WOW! This was amazing! Took me lots o' time to read, but it was worth it! Although I almost vomited at the...you know... trped fo a week with... only... one thing to eat... (canable...) uh... ewww.. why exactly was that there? I took the warning, thinking it ant' gonna be so bad... but I was damn wrong... good fan fiction though... :-)
10/28/2014 c21 3ShadmeTheAngel
I've been kinda stalking this for a while, and I must say it's been a great ride. Kinda sad it's over. XP But then I took a look at your other stuff, and I think it's really cool how much you've improved since then. Keep up the good work!
10/28/2014 c21 Guest
this was at best a okay story
it needs more depth to it. For me it felt very thin
I'm not being mean this is just how I feel about this

look forward to your next story
10/26/2014 c21 1Darth Sinox
that was nice. good, happy ending. and from a readers pov, i agree, this is your best work yet. but i cant wait for "talons of fate".

ps. in hyrule warriors, if impas sword was made by gorons, than why is it a water element weapon?
10/26/2014 c21 UltimaHeart
I was laughing so much at the end. I REALLY loved this story Pitta. Thank you for making it :)
10/25/2014 c21 alcamoth
And they lived happily ever after...
10/25/2014 c21 2Aster Hikari
Thank you !
10/24/2014 c20 Guest
nice chapter
looks like her dark side is winning

I really don't like Veridi she's a bitch...yeah I know She has to protect the animals but here's a question why do animals eat each other? she seems to not have a problem with that but oh no when it's a animal killed by a human we got a problem
news flash: Palutena and Veridi will be pit's Codex in smash bros Wii U
but no Haties or Madusa sadly
10/23/2014 c20 EpicPit
Great fanfiction Pitta :)
10/23/2014 c20 UltimaHeart
Oh crap! Hang in there Kite! D:
10/23/2014 c20 alcamoth
Oh noes! D:
10/23/2014 c19 EpicPit
Great chapter Pitta. :)
10/22/2014 c19 Guest
how nice
I thought that Palutena would keep her as a dark angel
so now Kite is both a Light and Dark angel

thanks for the response
if they make another Kid Icarus game I would want Madusa to come back as a anti hero like shadow the hedgehog
and more focus on both her and palutena's relationship
10/20/2014 c19 1Darth Sinox
so... is it over?
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