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10/20/2014 c19 UltimaHeart
I have a question. Have you played or seen Persona 4 before? Because when the shadow part of Kite appeared during the process, it kinda reminded me of how in Persona 4 when someone's shadow appeared. Just a thought
10/20/2014 c19 alcamoth
Yay! She's a light angel now! :D
10/20/2014 c19 2Aster Hikari
Cute ! I like it!
10/16/2014 c18 alcamoth
Luv u too bby
Ok, that was creepy.
But I thought the chapter was fine!
10/16/2014 c18 evildragon1
dear piper: drake doesnt need to try to be cooler than dark pit, it just comes naturally to him.
10/16/2014 c18 1Darth Sinox
that. was. awesome. little sad that drake died, and not even in a fair fight, but oh well. when freaky aliens give ya lemons, am i right?
10/16/2014 c18 Guest
aw! too short!
I have a question though
I'm new to the Kid Icarus series and I was wondering
are Palutena and Madusa sisters? or were they friends?
I keep trying to find it on the wiki page and it doesn't say anything about the both of them accept that they once ruled Skyworld together at one time

I would rather hang out with Madusa more than Veridi (parden my words but she's a stuck up bitch)
anyway update soon
10/16/2014 c18 2Aster Hikari
This chapter is short really
10/16/2014 c17 Piper
I don't mean to be needy.. bUT... Next chappie pleasse! Ok my needy thing is done, now, can't wait for next chappie! I was thinking through the whole chapter: "PIT YOU IDIOT SOMEONE IS DYING DOWN THERE I DON'T GIVE A *cough* IF YOU ARE BUSY!" yeaaah my thoughts are way to profaned ((if that is a word xD)) Anyway, can't wait for next chapter! ((And Evildragon1, let it never be said I hate your character :3 Let it be said I will visously MURDER him if he even tries to be cooler than Dark Pit. Because face it, Dark Pit's too cool :3 Nice character though! Congrats on getting him in the story :D))
10/9/2014 c17 Piper
I was so sad to find out it was a OC :'(
((I thought it was Dark Pit then I realized Dark Pit's wings are... eheh... Dark Teal xD)
Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for chapter 18! :DDD Idk why but I'm hoping it'll be like a Damsel in Distress thing and Pit will save Kite :P Anyway, continue the amazing work! You have my full support :)
10/8/2014 c17 1Darth Sinox
dont worry pitta, you got drakes personality down. but drakes bow fires blood red energy arrows
10/8/2014 c17 alcamoth
So this is "you know who"? Oh, I thought that was Pit, not some evil character you and evildragon1 were plotting.
Fun fact- That little cherry on the Souflee (I think that's how you spell it) is actually its eye.
And lol a Skyrim reference.
But I really wanna know what happens next!
10/8/2014 c17 2Aster Hikari
This is good i love it
10/6/2014 c16 Piper
Oh and I called Hades a very mean word. I thought it was bad but my mom claims, "FREAKY ALIEN AURUM H*** JERK!" Isn't a bad word, though I got in trouble for saying H*** xD Anyway, CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW CHAPTER! CAN'T WAIT! :D
10/4/2014 c16 alcamoth
Omg! Ah, you're killing me here! XC
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