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9/19/2014 c12 Piper
My face when I saw you mention me? Well, let's say my mom woke up to me jumping up and down xD Anyway, I'm so excited! Well, I know he'll do something horrible to Kite, But still, so excited! Gimme that gore! ((xD)) Wow I am weird xD Anyway, Keep Up The- In Thanatos' words- H-Amazing work! :D
9/18/2014 c12 7KirbyKnight65
something gross? uh oh
9/17/2014 c12 1Darth Sinox
i feel like you-know-who is coming up, and i don't mean Voldemort. p.s. i want to fight you in uprising, heres my friend code:2036-7394-8930
9/17/2014 c12 alcamoth
More torture?
9/16/2014 c11 Piper
OMG Pitta This is so amazing, I envy your writing skills! So Vividly written! You are definently my favorite author. I have a question: Is this going on around chapter 18-20? This chapter? And will Kite ever meet Pit? Like, as BlackHawk? Seriously, I am in anticipation for a showdown. ...Pitta, I had a idea. What if BlackHawk met DARK Pit... :D Oooh if that happens I will throw my SSB4 game into oncoming traffic ((which means I would be so excited)) Anywho, keep up the, And I quote, "H-Amazing!" Work! :D
(.-.) Kirby Fell down
9/16/2014 c10 Piper
Wow. Why do I become more attached to the story the more people Kite kills. xD
9/16/2014 c9 Piper
9/16/2014 c1 Piper
:D Why have I fallen in love with this chapter xD Keep on writing!
9/9/2014 c11 Darth Sinox
Ok, we know she's not dead, but I wonder how's she's gonna get outta this one.
9/9/2014 c11 alcamoth
So, Kite made it out alive...
9/1/2014 c10 7KirbyKnight65
Great chapter! cant wait to see how this goes further!
9/1/2014 c10 1Darth Sinox
This story's power level is 1006. Oh wait, I was reading the scouter upside-down.
9/1/2014 c10 alcamoth
And this also takes place during the actual game? Cool.
Then again, that was obvious...
8/24/2014 c9 7KirbyKnight65
this cant be good...aggghhhh i hate cliffhangers!
8/24/2014 c9 alcamoth
I wonder how this will go...
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