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7/26/2014 c1 Sunny2006
Great job!
7/26/2014 c1 amsr
muy bueno
7/26/2014 c1 13C.I.TigerFan
Oh boy! Here we go!
7/26/2014 c1 5The Puppeteer
Damnit to hell...I feel, I feel too much here. The last statement was a dropping the mic moment.
7/26/2014 c1 75lateVMlover
Since I can't handle watching Arrow live anymore, I'm glad you're writing this.
7/26/2014 c1 Guest
That review was supposed to read "three two one suggestion." Stupid Kindle Fire!
7/26/2014 c1 sakura-blossom62
Oh I am so excited to see where you take this because I just know that it is going to be amazing and this introductions was so good. Cannot wait to read more!
7/26/2014 c1 Guest
Wow. You beat the clock with m suggestion. Impressive as always :-). Sometimes I wish I could quit the show and just read Anthfan instead, but I have no willpower!
7/26/2014 c1 Lililovingreading
Great chapter I liked it!

OMG the sneak peek was amazing! Seriously I am so excited for season 3. Sara is back which I'm glad about because for me there is only one black canary and she is just so cool! Oliver not wanting diggle to be in the field, drama!
The olicity was killing me you got a taste of how great they could be and then BAM felicity is hurt and lying on the table!
I knew it would be an explosion that would cause them not to date and for him to build back his walls after seeing the pictures of him covered in soot on stephen amell's facebook a while back, guess I was right about that one lol
Btw I was kinda bummed EBR couldn't attend comic con :(
7/26/2014 c1 1JLC
Oh boy - simply awesome.
7/26/2014 c1 82live-in-dreamland1
I can't wait to see what you do with this season!
7/25/2014 c1 illinifans
cue Rob Stewart - "Have I told ... you lately ... that I love you ..."

Saw you post this over on Tumblr and had to come here to see it again and review. Not that I can offer anything helpful, but just to let you know this is amazing, beautiful, and heart-wrenching - all at the same time. Must have had another bunny attack again, eh?! That promo vid will do that I hear...

Thank you so much for sharing this so quickly. It's like you knew I needed an Olicity fix after seeing all this comic con stuff out there. LOL! Just joking! But yes, this is just amazing. Your writing reaches right into my heart and pulls out all these beautiful emotions. You have an amazing gift (so use it for good, not evil! LOL!). Best wishes for getting any sleep tonight. Or the next week ...
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