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for Paige and Seths Relationship

9/7/2014 c12 darck ben
That was an awesome chapter
9/7/2014 c12 10Redhood1863
I love your idea! Please do even more Paige/Seth and Could you do Dean/AJ
9/7/2014 c12 Wolfgirl2013
Nice Job,Wow
9/7/2014 c12 DragonKing19
9/7/2014 c11 DragonKing19
9/5/2014 c11 darck ben
Holly shit great chapter can lita be a refree in the Paige vs aj lee match
9/5/2014 c11 Wolfgirl2013
Nice And Hell In A Cell,Oh Dear
9/5/2014 c11 JadenCage
im in shocked aj vs paige in a heel ans cell
and rollins vs Ambrose looks very promising
8/30/2014 c10 DragonKing19
8/30/2014 c10 darck ben
great chapter i would love if paige vs aj lee match was no holds barred
8/30/2014 c10 Wolfgirl2013
8/25/2014 c9 DragonKing19
Nice one.

Did ya see the Scooby Doo WWE Movie?
8/24/2014 c9 Wolfgirl2013
Nice Job,Keep it Up
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