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4/27 c36 YoreReader
I'm really loving the continued family dynamics in this story. I love the familial relationship among Peter, Olivia, Etta, Walter and Astrid, also by extension, Broyles and Nina Sharp.

I've also enjoyed the little changes you made in the show's canon. Daniel Hollands is an engaging character. I'm intrigued why September chose to phrase his description of the events surrounding Milo Stanfield's crime as a "major disruption with catastrophic consequences." Does it have something to do with Etta's new future?

It would be interesting to see if Fauxlivia and the shapeshifters are successful in trying to steal the missing piece of the machinery they need for the Other Side. I also wonder when the Fringe team will contact them to offer the machine component.

Normally, I try not to read stories that are incomplete, especially if they seem to have been abandoned for a while. Somehow this story captured my attention and I couldn't help but get so engrossed that I just read the story straight through. I had originally planned to comment on every chapter, so I'm sorry for not doing that as I read. However, I do plan on going back and commenting on each chapter when I read the story again.

My main point is this: this is an incredibly crafted story. The characters are very compelling, the story is quite absorbing and the end game is so fascinating because it could be anything! I'm still not sure what the future will look like; the only thing I wish for is for the family/team to stay together. Anyway, I'm sure your readers have already asked you, but I'm going to add my plea to theirs anyway-I hope you continue this story. You should be proud of it; thank you for sharing it with us.
9/18/2020 c36 Bullock
Please update your story soon. It is truly a masterpiece. From the characters to the brilliant tying up of loose ends from the show. I love your explanation for why the Observers are aggressive in the dystopian future. Your use and portrayal of Etta is fantastic. She definitely deserved more than a handful of episodes. It's been a riveting read, hard to pull away from at times. I'm curious how it will ultimately wrap up. Hopefully Etta won't come to a tragic end.
7/23/2020 c36 nire47
I am finally all caught up. I started reading this back when you started this but then I think I sort of forgot about this. I went through my stories thay I am following and voila! Back to reading this.

Liking this fic. Though have a prediction that Etta will be taken/captured and then Olivia's powers will come out full force just to get her back. That seems like it will be epic to read.

Look forward to more!
12/6/2019 c36 3cotillion66
Hey there! It's been quite a long time! Great chapter and I'm sorry i didn't read it sooner. I really liked the humor there at the beginning, all very in character, especially Walter. I could almost hear him speaking. Believe me, I know it's hard to keep going sometimes, but you're doing great. Hope to read another chapter soon!
9/18/2019 c36 KC-BamaGirl
Great chapter! Loved the Etta, Peter, Astrid part and all the talk in the lab. That was hilarious.
9/18/2019 c36 fringelawyer
Dear Joao,
Thank you for the prompt turnaround with Chapter 36. This was quite an eclectic episode, with discussions of evolutionary buttocks anatomy and twentieth-century warfare mixed in with Fringe’s typical universe-hopping fare.
I applaud your solution to the problem of Mylo’s running amok without a Redverse Olivia in place to throw him off his game. Daniel not only had his ass saved by Etta the “Unknown Variable”—he received a genuine kiss from his mystery woman. I don’t imagine that is the last kiss Daniel and Etta will share. Unsurprisingly, he followed her instructions and showed up at Battery Park on time.
I look forward to finding out how Roberta Jimenez works out as a spy and how Daniel reacts to his trip to the Blueverse. Also, thank you for the details on the Portuguese White Fleet. It’s always great to learn about something real while indulging in fan fiction. Wikipedia’s account of these sailors and their ships is woefully insufficient, however.
Keep writing, and I will keep reading.
Best regards,
6/6/2019 c35 KC-BamaGirl
Thanks for updating. Great chapter
6/3/2019 c35 fringelawyer
Dear Joao,
Less than five months between chapters! Thank you for giving us this new episode in The Times that Never Were!
You certainly outdid yourself in changing scenes, both between universes and within ‘verses. I had to pay close attention, because the Reading View on my Kindle tends to delete the horizontal lines that separate scenes in the normal view.
Kudos to your having Astrid suggest that Walter resurrect his device for finding Peter by his resonance frequency in order to guard against infiltration from the Other Side at Liberty Island. I wasn’t certain that the technology was legitimate within the physics of Fringe, but a recent rewatch of Northwest Passage showed that Walter really believed he could make such a machine—he just purposely fudged the numbers.
I also got a kick of your choice of characters to fill in for the role played by Olivia as Fauxlivia during the crime scenes in the Redverse, complete with Daniel’s spying September substituting for Olivia’s hallucinating vision of Peter. I just hope that something goes awry with Milo’s plans to kill off Fringe agents in whatever his nefarious plot entails—what does he have in mind, world domination?
My highest praise, however, goes to your presenting parallel scenes of Luke’s fascination with the sunset of Blueverse NYC and Etta’s marveling at the planets visible in the Connecticut night sky of the timeline she is trying to preserve. Your descriptive skills remind me of Cotillion66’s attention to such visual details. That is high praise, fully intended by me and well deserved by you.
I am so looking forward to finding out how Milo’s plot unfolds and discovering who the “new target” is. Please don’t keep us in suspense for too long.
Best regards,
1/28/2019 c34 fringelawyer
Thank you for keeping TTTNW alive! I am committed to following this story to its end!
This chapter was less frenetic than many others in the saga, perhaps the greatest pace being provided by Olivia's seduction of Peter. I enjoyed your dive into the M-rating category and thought you made a wise choice by having the culmination take place off camera, and one floor further away from a displaced Etta.
I also chuckled at your chauvinism regarding Mediterranean cuisine, which I think is justified. I must say, however, that turkey steaks are just wrong!
Kudos for the mention of Philip K. Dick's Man in the High Castle and his other works. As an avid fan of Fringe, it is reassuring to be reminded that inter-dimensional travel has a long legacy in literature.
Speaking of legacies, I thought you might be channeling Cotillian66 with your geographic analysis of the choice of Newburgh, NY for Fauxlivia et al.'s safe house. I am always happy to pull out my phone and go to GoogleMaps to keep track of things.
I do have one nit to pick. One of the shapeshifters says that using a Canadian-hosted email server would keep their communications out of reach of the Blueverse U.S. Government. That might be the situation on the other side, but in this universe a non-U.S. email account is more readily accessed by U.S. intelligence services than a domestic one.
I am looking forward to finding out how similar Daniel's experience in Hoboken is to Olivia's in The Plateau. And I remain hopeful that Etta's comments regarding her not being around to perform certain tasks required of The Plan are not genuine foreshadowing.
Please keep new chapters coming fast and furiously.
12/7/2018 c33 Guest
please keep going this is good
chapter 34 should be Oliva and Etta practicing thier abilities
Etta talks to Septmember about the timeline she is interfering with and how the other Observers are going to act.
Alt-Liv and Luke get their reinforcments and talk about the Other side
8/1/2018 c33 7AnnePeters
I can't believe I haven't read this one before! It's well written, great story! and I love those Polivia moments. Thanks for this!
3/3/2018 c33 3cotillion66
Hey my friend! Sorry for taking so long read your new chapters. This was a good one! Very nice having Etta get high with Walter! It's something every granddaughter should do with their grandfather! ;) And I'm glad the shapeshifter Luke was kind enough to not kill the family with children. Maybe there's some hope for them. But probably not. Anyway, glad to see you're still at it!
2/21/2018 c33 fringelawyer
First of all, thank you for posting Chapter 33 so soon after Chapter 32. I hope you are not insulted by my admission to being shocked when The Times that Never Were showed up at the top of the listing for Fringe when I checked it on February 13.
You certainly started out with a bang by having Walter introduce Etta to both root beer floats and Brown Betty on the back porch. The fact that Etta had never heard of a root beer float from her timeline is the final indictment against the Observers/Invaders of her world.
I also enjoyed Walter's explanation of the Butterfly Effect, which of course led Etta to ponder the possibility that her presence might redirect fate in a way that would produce a younger brother for Ella. Will this timeline's Eddie enter the world with a birthmark shaped like a creature from order Lepidoptera?
I felt a little short-changed by the limited appearance by Olivia and Peter, but the reference to chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries shows that they were otherwise occupied in a fan fiction story having an M rating!
Kudos for originality in placing the meteor-watchers at the shapeshifters' landing zone in the forest and having Luke borrow an idea from The Equation to solve the problem without loss of life. I remain pleased with your decision to make Redverse Olivia a good, moral person. I am sure that future episodes in this saga will depend on that fact.
Cole Arnett? Talk about plucking a character from obscurity! I'm guessing that Olivia's absence from the Redverse during the events of The Plateau means that Milo Stanfield will prove more elusive and will be able to engage in more mischief. He exhibits abilities similar to those of the Observers, without relying on tech (other than his drug regimen). I look forward to learning where you go with this. Dare I call it the Arnett Principle? My money is on Milo's changed situation providing the basis for September's recalculating the probability of that "certain event" involving Olivia.
Don't be afraid of spoiling us with an accelerated publication schedule. You have let loose so many plot bunnies. I am so looking forward to finding out where they all lead.
2/17/2018 c33 sevenrez
It's great to see another chapter so soon! I enjoy how well you have captured the characters. Everything is working so well in this story. The characters and the story flow is great and fluid. Thank you!
1/28/2018 c32 17Crystalline Green
Hi matey.
You really do have a knack of picking up original dangling ends and giving them new purpose. Your story benifits from them, and so do we read as you create.
It's great to find Van Horn here again, I got a real sense of his alien shapeshifter nature in the scene, from his introduction and his lack of thought for the dude he bumped into and caused the splashing his load of files, to his growing irritation and flusterment as Broyles went a little Columbo on him with his surprises and always 'one more thing'. I loved how the mask began to slip, and the final reveal was awesome. But still I feel for Broyles, and I'm pleased that you humanised and paid respects to van Horn with your inclusion of the revaluation of his support for Broyles and the neutralisation of Big Eddie.
I love that Etta's Butterfly Effect has such far reaching and potentially surprising (perhaps even for you) consequences and benifits.
As Fringelawyer has pointed out in his review, her intervention has affected, or rather enabled, Rachel to have this conversation with Olivia. Probably it wouldn't have happened if Altlivia was in situ; it would have been so easy to avoid the risk of potential exposure through such a conversation by ignorung the call. Or if she had answered at the very least it would have been massively different and far less revealing.
Or perhaps if instead Rachel had spoken to Olivia upon her eventual return, she would have found her sister in a very dark psychological and emotional place, and she would have come away from the call having received a very different and far less hopeful message. I'm interested to find out where this thread leads.
Also the tension is building nicely. Even though you keep saying 'this feels like a filler chapter' you're tightening the spring as you reveal more about the functioning of shapeshifter currently masquerading as The Stepfather.
Bring on the next chapter, I'm eager for more!
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