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7/1/2019 c5 Louisa
Mir gefällt die Geschichte sehr (was wahrscheinlich auch daran liegt, dass Lucina mein Lieblings-Charakter ist)
9/16/2016 c10 Mimilcy
Aaaaah yes Ike and Lucina are OTP! Also your grammar was fine! My first language was English and I barely know how to speak XD
12/5/2014 c10 28Smash King24
Hey Pitta! I finally got around to finishing this story and here's my review!

Okay, so right off the bat I knew that this story had a bit of controversy behind it mainly because of the characterization. I hate to say that almost every major character in this story is OOC in one way or another (with the exception of Pit I'd say). OOCness is usually not that big of a deal when you're dealing with characters who don't play a big part in the story, but Lucina, Link, and Marth are all main characters and their personalities are way far off from what they should be. I'm not gonna go into much detail about this since you're definitely aware of it by now and have already stated that in your author notes. Besides the characterization, this story is actually pretty good!

Oddly enough, my favorite parts of the story ended up being the interactions between all of the Smashers, like when they threw pasta on Marth's head in that one chapter. Now again, for the Smashers to all beat up on person is really OOC, even for minor characters, but all that aside, this was a pretty fun story to read about. Lucina's personality actually wore off of me as the story went on and I didn't really mind her at all by the end of it! Also, the way Marth was acting is kind of excusable after finishing the story because he was being psychotic. The only one who needs to take a chill pill is Link. I think a character like Bowser or Wario would have been better off to take Link's role, but it's your story.

As for the way it's written, it's got some grammar and spelling mistakes in the chapters. English isn't your first language though so it's not a big deal. The sad thing is that your writing is actually better than some people I know who actually have English as their first language! Go figure on that one eh?

Overall, good story, but the characterization could have been a bit better. I did enjoy this story for its length and the speed as which you were describing things though. I never really got lost and I could picture everything going on in my head pretty well. The concept of the clone character thing is pretty unique for a story, and this was a pretty fair attempt at writing one! The only thing is that I don't get how none of the other clone characters got as much crap as Lucina did, but maybe that's a story for another time? Keep up the good work!

12/5/2014 c2 Smash King24
OK, I've been wanting to read this one for quite a while now and I can finally take the time to sit down and go through it. I know that there's a bit of controversy behind this story, but I'll save my full review until the end. I just wanted to say that Captain Falcon's line, "Show me your moves! Oh wait, we all know them already!" freakin' killed me. Dangit, why do I always laugh whenever someone randomly brings him into a story? Oi-vey, ok... back to reading. Just wanted to point that out before I forgot lol.

10/31/2014 c10 14K Double Prime
That... was a very nice exposition about clones. Although a psychotic Marth was, well, psychotic. I loved the notion of this fic. I hope, in the future, you can rewrite this longer. And with more drama. C:
Anyway, because of your fic, now I'm shipping IkexLucina. Thank you. C:
10/23/2014 c10 23booklover4816
This was a good story. In chapter 8, change "boil" to "bowl" Boil means to heat a liquid ex: "Bring the water to a boil." Other than that good job.
10/5/2014 c10 TES-X
I hope MASTER hand sends him to prison (possibly subspace)
10/5/2014 c9 TES-X
10/5/2014 c8 TES-X
10/5/2014 c7 TES-X
10/5/2014 c6 TES-X
Oh, the suspense...
10/5/2014 c5 TES-X
Noooo pit don't do it! :'(
10/5/2014 c3 Guest
Oh my gosh anti gays better not beat up pit! But seriously, I am freaking annoyed by anti gays. Keep up the good work!
10/5/2014 c2 TES-X
I have an idea! Lucina, pit, and samus vs the bullies! :D
Also, good story! :D
10/5/2014 c1 TES-X
I hope they don't treat lucina like crap!
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